Get the kids ready to get back into school

It is that time of year again when the kids are finishing up their school holidays and heading back to school – hopefully this year at the school, not home doing school work.

We thought it might be helpful to give you a few hints and tips on helping kids settle back into the school year because we all know, if the kids are happy and settled in much faster, then it takes some of that added extra pressure off of your shoulders as a parent. 

This is some of the hints and tips that our many parents within Gutter-Vac recommend.

  • Be strict with a regular bed time

Kids need a routine and after a summer of staying up late or sleeping in, it is important to get kids into a routine to ensure they have enough sleep to be alert at school.  We all know that tired kids are grump kids, so if you don’t want grump kids at the end of the school day, then make sure they are getting to be on time.

  • Get organised

Prepare the night before.  Get their bags packed, lunches made if you can so that when the morning comes, you can get off to school with as little stress as possible – for them AND for you!

  • How was their day?

Don’t just how was your day to your kids, also ask them if they did anything that was fun?  Who did they play with at lunch?  What did they learn?  Take an interest in their day and really listen to them and you’d be surprised at how quickly your kids will look forward to the ‘good stuff’ of school.

  • Give them space

In those first few weeks of school, especially your younger kids, might come home from school a bit worn out.  Be a little more relaxed with screen time as maybe the kids simply want some time to ‘chill out’.  Go for a walk or take the dog for a walk as a family and put a little space in their day.  Be patient if they are tired and help them with any homework until they get back into the swing of the school day routine.

  • Touch base with their teachers

Don’t wait for parent/teacher interviews.  Shoot off a quick email to the teacher of child and just check in on how they are settling into school and how they are behaving in the classroom.  Working with the school will help your kids settle in faster and reduce your stress levels.  Maybe the teacher will send an email back letting you know that they are doing just great!

February can be a crazy month for everyone. We often joke that Australia doesn’t really turn back ‘on’ until after Australia day, but hopefully these 5 little tips will help you get the kids settled because as parents as well, we know, if the kids aren’t happy, neither are you! 

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