Did you know we can also help with bird proofing?

Birds can cause havoc on a roof, in particular under solar panels.  Under a solar panel, birds have a nice sheltered area to build their nest, lay their eggs and even rare their young. 

The problem with this?

Sure, it might be unsightly if you can see them.  Sure, you might get a build up of bird droppings.  But the big one…. Solar panels have wires to connect them up, to allow them to do their intended purpose.  Birds and wires do not go hand in hand and these seemingly harmless birds can cause expensive damage to your solar panels.

We use specialised bird proofing products to protect and prevent birds (and possums sometimes too!) from getting under your solar panels. 

Because this is a job on the roof, working at heights, this is why our customers come to us because they know we are trained and insured to work at heights and get this job done safely for you.  It is NOT a DIY job to take on, that’s for sure.

Birds can be a problem not just for solar panels but for many properties.  They may be nesting, their droppings and in some cases, simply the noise.  There are many human ways of bird proofing (that does not require the killing of birds!) a property and we work with leading manufacturers of bird proofing products and devices so if you have a bird problem, give us a call and we can help you find and implement a system.

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