Blocked gutters are a major issue for any home.  A blocked gutter added with a rainfall can cause extensive damage to your home.  Maybe in one heavy rainfall or over a period of time if left unchecked.

When a gutter is blocked and you haven’t had your gutters cleaned for an extended period of time, the rain that is collected off the roof into your gutters can’t be moved off and away from your property as it gets stuck in your gutters because of the blockage.

Many people assume that the water will simply overflow from the gutter onto the ground, but this is not the full picture.  The water just doesn’t overflow over the gutters away from the house, it also overflows TOWARDS your house.  It will flow into your ceiling cavity, it will flow into the walls (down the outside and inside).  This may be slowly over time or if it is a big storm, in one single rainfall.  This causes expensive damage to your property.

And, it could have all been prevented with a regular gutter clean to ensure blockages and potential build up of matter that will lead to a blockage have been removed.

Sometimes it is not just leafy matter that blocks your gutters.  We find all sort of things… including tennis balls!  We see lots of these at schools!

Climbing a ladder and getting onto a roof is an unsafe exercise so don’t risk a fall because you chose to DIY this task.  Give us a call and let us help you maintain your property safely.  We even do before and after photos so you can see the build up of sludge and debris in your gutters and then also what they look like after the job has been done!

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