Gutter Cleaning Over the Winter Months

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Gutter Cleaning Over the Winter Months

The Australian winter months always amaze me as you never know quite what the weather is going to do each day. Today it’s raining but tomorrow, it could be another beautiful day in paradise!

What stays the same though, is the amount of debris that falls from the local trees into the roof gutters and then in true Aussie style, grows with abandon from there! I have seen some beautiful “gardens” sprouting from the gutters of the houses we have cleaned. Of course, the larger this “garden” grows, the more any rainwater is blocked from its natural runoff. The water backs up and then seeps through the ceiling, often causing damage.

Make sure your roof gutters are clean and clear this winter season. Our vacuum cleaning system will remove all those “roof gardens” for you. The debris will be vacuumed into our drums which we remove from site, leaving the area around your home in top condition.