Do You Know the Signs of Blocked Gutters and Downpipes?

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It is very important to keep gutters and downpipes free of any debris. If debris is left to build up, the condition of your gutters and downpipes can deteriorate. This could potentially cause damage to your roof and house.

Vacuum cleaning the gutters regularly will ensure that you remove the corrosive matter and give your gutter a longer lease on life.

Blockages can cause water ingress, plant growth as well as attract unwanted insects and vermin. Your gutters could deteriorate and corrode/rust from the water pooling if blockages dam the water or the destructive debris is left to sit in the gutter for long periods of time.

Do you suspect there is a blockage in your gutters or downpipes?

Signs of a blockage in your gutter:

  • Debris like sticks, leaves and dirt trapped in gutters and valleys. Grass and plants growing in the gutters.
  • Trees, shrubs and vines growing over the gutter and roof.
  • Debris can attract pests like birds, mice and snakes. Birds will pull at this debris and you will find it on the ground in these areas.
  • Leaking water –internal leaks from inside the roof cavity or dripping down the side of the external walls, gutters and downpipes.
  • Detached gutters that become loose from the house due to carrying excess weight. Extra supports may be required to re attach the gutter if damaged in this way.
  • Overflow issues – especially in heavy downpours.
  • Water pooling in stormwater pits could suggest a blockage underground.

Signs of blocked downpipes:

  • Splashing of debris/water from the pipes
  • Cracks in the foundations of the house from the pressure of the blockage
  • Mould or lichen can begin to grow on the roof, eaves, gutters and walls of your house.

Unblocking a gutter or downpipe could be as simple as climbing your ladder and removing the offending debris causing the blockage. Or it could be much more difficult like blockages in the downpipe resulting in needing tools and a hose to clear it. In some cases, the whole downpipe may need to be dismantled to clear the blockage.

Without professional tools, experience, and knowledge, unblocking gutters and downpipes can prove difficult. Completing this task yourself, could damage your downpipes and gutters if not done correctly, which could result in unwanted expenses to fix it. There is a risk when working at heights and a potential fall from ladders or rooves. The professionals are trained to carry out this work and have the equipment to get the job done.

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