Gutter Cleaning In Glenorchy

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Gutter Cleaning In Glenorchy

The gutters at this residence were so full of grass that there was an overflow issue.

Not only could the water not move through the gutter as is intended but the down pipes were completely covered with matted roots.

A gentle rain gets soaked up by the grass but heavy or constant rain will soon fill the space around the grass and overflow. This overflow will either go over the gutter and down the outside of the wall and into the garden or ground below or could flow back into the house through the eaves into the ceiling cavity.

Either way damage to the property could occur.

The constant moisture from the grass and the corrosive sludge created, will corrode the gutter over time if not cleaned regularly.

An annual gutter clean will keep these gutters looking like this and prolong their lifespan.

Gutter Cleaning Difficult To Reach Gutters

“My gutters were, in places, growing clumps of grass. The service man’s approach was professional, and he worked throughout the afternoon seemingly without a break to get my extensive set of gutters cleaned out. I am very satisfied with the result.”

Vivien, Wynnard Tasmania

Do you have gutters that are difficult to get to?

Is there grass growing in them as a result?

We have the ability to vacuum clean gutters from the ground.

The pitch on this particular roof was too steep in which to climb on. We had to work from the ladder in places and use our ground working system to clean the rest.

This work can take longer to complete but the end result is the same.

Gutter Cleaning Wynnyard

Birds, The Issues They Cause in Your Gutter And Roof!

We recently completed the gutters on a commercial site. The building is a large hall. The roof has vents at along the ridge of the roof. The openings are big enough for the birds to enter and roost in the roof.

Gutter Cleaning Huonville

The birds have made their home here. Their playground is the roof top. They drop grass and nesting materials as they bring it into the vent to make their nest. Their droppings have grass seed in it and this cultivates in the rich sludge that collects in the gutters over the year.

Combined, the result is shown in the above photos. The gutters are overgrown with grass, potentially blocking gutters and down pipes. It can allow water ingress into the roof cavity, resulting in water damage to the inside of the building.

Birds nesting in the roof will be noisy. The main issue would be the hazardous flammable materials they use to build their nests. They are vermin and carry bird lice. Over time the bird droppings build up in the cavity and could pose a health hazard as  they can spread zoonotic diseases.

The best course of action is to remove the birds and ensure there are no eggs in the nests. The best time is when they leave the space and it is not laying season.

Block the entry points, so as to not allow them back into the roof space. They will be determined to get back in. You need to make sure you use a robust material to keep them out.

Then you will need to remove the nesting material and  guano from inside the cavity. You will also need to decontaminate the area to eliminate the mites and fleas birds carry.

The cleaning process should be undertaken by a professional, as they have the correct equipment to protect themselves from the health hazards associated with this work.

Gutter Clean in Kingston

You might think that because you don’t have any trees in your area you do not need to clean your gutters.

These photos show a collection of debris overtime. Moss grows in the gutter and could be a blocking point causing over flow issues.

We live in a climate that cultivates moss especially in winter. If your house does not see much sun light during the winter months the damp and cold is an environment that moss loves to grow in.

Wind blows dirt up into your gutters. This builds up until you have a film covering the bottom of your gutter. Birds and wind carry grass seed. If deposited in your gutters, can then germinate to form grass clumps. Again, another form of debris that can cause blockage issues.

So trees or no trees, it is worth while getting your gutters cleaned. Stay on top of the sludge, moss and grass. Prolong the life of your gutters. You may not require an annual clean and we can put you in our maintenance program for whatever period your situation requires.

Give us a call and make sure your gutters get the clean they deserve.

Gutter cleaning service Kingston

Five Signs That Spring is Here

Over the last week we have had a taste of warmer weather…. Spring has sprung!

There are some hints to watch out for that nature sends our way to let us know that Spring is here.

  1. Our national flower, the Wattle, is blooming along the roadsides and in our parks. The beautiful pink and white blossoms of the fruit trees look like fairy floss on a stick.
  2. The birds begin to nest and become territorial, with our Magpies or Plovers swooping invaders of from their territories. They are protecting the newly hatched chicks.
  3. The lovely wild flowers decorate the Tasmanian wilderness with their brilliant colours.
  4. The bats come out of hibernation. Did you know that there are eight species of bats in Tasmania? They live in the hollow of old trees. Some may roost on rock crevices and the shelter of a building. During winter they hibernate, when the food source is scarce. If disturbed in hibernation, they may deplete critical energy reserves, which then makes them vulnerable.
  5. There is another species that hibernates over winter and waits for the warmer weather to appear. Yes, you got it…The reptiles. Snakes, lizards, geckos, skinks and dragons come out to bath in the sun on flat rocks, the road, sand, or any place that is warm.

Now is the time to get that list out and start compiling the chores around the house that need to be completed.

Clear away the rubbish and debris that may have become overgrown over winter. These are great hiding spots for vermin and snakes. Vermin will live in the rubbish and snakes eat the vermin.

Tidy up the garden so your spring blooms can shine.

Do you have any jobs that require painting? Painting in Spring is a good idea. The weather is not too hot for you to be outdoors and it is not so hot that the paint dries too quickly.

Cleaning pathways and driveways of the winter mould and moss. This is an enjoyable task to complete in the wonderful springtime weather.

Gutter cleaning your house to remove the winter debris that has built up. You don’t want to encourage the vermin to be in the gutters, otherwise you could have snakes there too. This prepares the gutters for the summer months ahead.

Box Gutters Collect Debris in Rosny Park

These box gutters collect a lot of debris from the gum trees overhead. They are cleaned every three months and each time they are full of debris.

Commercial Gutter Clean Rosny Park
Commercial Gutter Clean Rosny Park

A box gutter is designed to remove the rainwater from the roof, directing the water along the gutter to the rain head or sump where the down pipes take the water away from the building. A good box gutter will fall correctly allowing the water to flow easily to the rain head and enter the large down pipe. When this sump gets full of debris, you run the risk of water not being removed from the gutter and blockages from debris being deposited into the down pipes.

Leaving moist leaves and debris to sit in a box gutter shortens the life span. Moss would also be another reason to clean. A box gutter is wide and there maybe enough room for the water to flow around and away but if this debris is left to sit in the gutter it will corrode your gutter that much faster. This then causes problems such as water ingress.

Box gutters are expensive  as there is a lot more work involved to install one and very costly if you incur any leaking issues. Damage to ceilings and any internal repairs could be an expensive exercise.

The best course of action for you if you have box gutters would be to maintain regular gutter cleaning. Even if you have no trees around you, your gutter could do with a vacuum to remove any corroding debris lurking just under the lip of the roof.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania have maintenance programs that cater to whatever you require. Call today to see what your box gutter needs. PH 1300 654 253

A Satisfied Gutter Cleaning Customer At Franklin

“I was impressed with the response and easy engagement of Gutter Vac, the quote process and the fact that Chris contacted me to say that he would be 15 minutes late on the day. Also the email with photos of before and after were really appreciated, as I would not be able to see it otherwise. I am recommending his Franchise? To my friends and workmates and will go to him again if needed. Regards Sandi”

Sandi, Franklin Tasmania

Thank you Sandi for taking the time to provide us with feedback on your gutter cleaning service. We use this feedback to improve our processes and to ensure we are completing each job to the standard of work our customers deserve.

When We Can’t Access the Gutter From The Roof to Complete a Gutter Clean

There are many reasons why we don’t get on the roof to clean gutters.

This time the pitch of the roof was too steep for us to access. However, that being said this particular property was part of a complex of co-joined units sharing a common gutter line.

Gutter clean on units

We ran our tallest ladder up the back of the building to access the valley between the two rooves. This was a big collection point for the gum tree debris to collect.

There was even an empty bottle of beer in the valley. How that got there is anyone’s guess.

The valleys lead to rain heads which were full of debris too. This collection of debris in the valley and rain heads has started the rusting process. This is a prime example of why it is not good to leave matter sitting in gutters. You might not have any overflow issues but you are shortening the life of your gutters.

The gutters around the outside perimeter of the unit had grass growing from them. At the best of times it is no mean feat to use our ground workers system but when there is grass it makes our job even harder. Therefore the flow on effect is more cost for the customer.

Gutter Cleaning Service Glenorchy

An annual gutter clean on this property should be a much easier process for us and prove to be cost effective for the customer. The rusting process may even slow down if caught in time.

Do you have gutters and valleys that have not been clean due to a steep pitch, please give us a call to see how we can help you. Ph 1300 654 253.

Great Reviews From Our Burnie Gutter Cleaning Customers This May

“Excellent customer service and communication, will certainly recommend Chris and Therese.”

Jenine, Burnie Tasmania

In May we travelled up to the top of Tasmania to complete annual gutter cleaning for some regular customers and added some new ones on the way.

Due to COVID 19 we had to wait until the north west corner of the state opened its borders again. Luckily, we were able to get there at the end of May and our gutter cleaning customers did not have to wait too long to have their work completed.

We use google earth to measure and quote our work. A number of new clients asked for quotes and we were able to get them a quote for their approval and then scheduled the work as soon as we were able to travel.

We kept our clients informed at all times, what stage their gutter clean appointment was at.