Solar Panel Cleaning In Launceston

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Solar Panel Cleaning In Launceston

Have you been told that your solar panels are self-cleaning?

If they are on a very steep angle and you get a fair amount of rain, then maybe you could get away with not cleaning your panels.

But most solar panels will require a clean. Birds defecate on them, trees leave pollen on them and moss and lichen grow on them. Everyday dirt and grime builds up and forms a layer over the glass.

Consider trying to look out of dirty glasses or a dirty window or windscreen. It is much clearer when they have been cleaned. The same can be said of solar panels. The cleaner they are the more efficient they are.

And let’s face it, you have gone to the expense of installing them so you may as well get the most out of them.

Just look at the difference in the before and after photo of the solar panel clean we completed in Launceston.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Launceston

This client has requested that we clean their gutters every year and at the same time clean the panels. As we are there already, cleaning the gutters, we charge a reduced rate on the panel clean. 

If you have not considered your solar panels before, it might be time to start now. And why not get the gutters done too?

Two jobs ticked of the list every year with a reminder from us when they are due. We will get the work done with as minimum of an interruption to your life as an email to see if you want the work completed that year. You don’t even have to be home when we do the work, as long as you are happy for us to be there without you.

You will be emailed a report and photos of the completed work along with your invoice, with our bank details. There is no face to face contact where COVID 19 is concerned. But if you want to talk to us we are happy to talk over the phone, through the door or window  or face to face in keeping with the regulations of social distancing.

Booking a job is as easy as ringing, emailing or submitting a website enquiry.

Friendly and Professional Gutter Clean Experience in Legana

They are on time as suggested by me to suit the last of the deciduous tree leaf fall. They are friendly and very professional and I would not hesitate to recommended them to others.”

Arch, Legana Tas

We are a friendly bunch here at Gutter-Vac Tasmania as well as providing a very professional service. Our customers are of the upmost importance to us and we endeavour to meet all their gutter cleaning needs. Receiving positive feedback like this lets us know that our efforts are not going unnoticed. Thank you for your feedback, Arch. 

Arch is on our reminder program and is contacted every year to advise him it is time for a gutter clean. As we know he is a regular customer, we have a time slot waiting for him. He just has to answer an email from us and we do the rest. 

The customer can set the period for reminder to suit their needs. We have a range of customers on 3, 4, 6 monthly, annual and even biennial gutter cleans. We understand that each job is unique. We have created a set of notes on every job so that when we return we know exactly what is required. 

The periods are not set in stone either. If the work does not need to be carried out on the date we send, let us know and we can either skip the period or set a new date for the clean. There is no obligation to say yes. This is simply a service we offer so you can stay on top of your gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning Done Together Saves Money

Did you know that when you combine a gutter clean with a solar panel clean, it is cheaper?

Gutter clean

If you have solar panels, have you considered cleaning them? Keeping the panels clean, maximises the efficiency of them.

These solar panels are now clean and ready for the task at hand.

We use our safety equipment to attach to the roof to clean the gutters on most jobs. It takes time to get our ladders out and then access the roof and install our temporary anchor system.

If you have solar panels on the roof and you were to clean them at the same time as the gutter clean, it would mean setting up and packing up once to do two jobs.  Gutter-Vac Tasmania provides a reduced rate on the solar panel clean when both jobs are done together.

Vacuum cleaning gutters from the roof is a safe exercise when using our company, as we are all trained to work at heights. The job can be done easily with no mess left behind.

gutter clean Hobart
gutter clean Hobart

Our insurances cover us to work at any height. 

We provide free, no obligation quotes. Contact us to get yours today.

Jenna of Kingston, Another Happy Gutter Cleaning Customer

“Very happy with the overall experience! Friendly service and pretty prompt. They did a follow up on my quote a few months later and I appreciate that.”

Jenna, Kingston Tasmania

Communication with customers is a must at Gutter-Vac. We strive to respond as quickly as possible to ensure our customers’ needs are being met. Follow ups on quotes are undertaken as people get busy and emails can go astray. We love hearing from our potential customers, even if it is a quote rejection. It is good to understand why customers reject quotes, so we can improve on our quoting system.

In this case, it was a reminder that they had requested a quote and it prompted them to complete the work.  We are delighted to read this positive feedback, thank you, Jenna.

Regular Gutter Cleaning Can Prevent Rust Holes

We started cleaning these residential gutters in 2017. When we came back the following year to complete the annual gutter clean, we noticed a small rust hole forming. It was mentioned in our report that approximately  one metre of gutter at the end near the down pipe has surface rust with a hole forming. This metre of gutter could be replaced as the rest of the gutter run is in good order.

Upon returning for the annual gutter clean in 2021, the hole was even bigger in the rear of the gutter. Rust holes can occur when debris sits in and around the gutters all year round. When the debris is thick and heavy and mostly wet all year round, if there is the slightest bit of rust it will get worse. The leaf matter in the gutters is corrosive and with the dampness of the debris, adds to the deterioration.

Gutter clean Hobart

The following photos show how bad the state of the gutters are due to the rust holes.

Regular gutter cleaning will aide in the prevention of deteriorating gutters.  Gutter-Vac Tasmania provides condition reports on the gutters and roof of each job we complete. Our clients are able to use our findings to carry out preventative maintenance on their properties.

If the gutter has surface rust and no holes, a kill rust paint can be applied to stop the rust. But if small holes are present, a bitumen paint can be applied to the gutter to stop the leaks. This will give the gutter a longer life, however replacement is inevitable at some stage.

When the holes are too big, a roofing plumber can do repairs. If the repairs can be completed in the small section before major damage, it might prevent having to replace a full length of guttering.

Annie of South Hobart, a Very Grateful Gutter Cleaning Customer

“Dear Chris and Therese, It is not easy to find the right words to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided.  You take all the worry away.  It is so important to me that I look after my Allison Street Heritage home – and with ageing I find there are many tasks I simply cannot do anymore.  We never think that day will come.  I bless the day, years ago, that you commenced business.  I treasure the friendship and kindness that you provide.  Nothing is too much trouble. Thank you again.  Wishing you well always, I highly recommend your company, Gutter Vac Tasmania, to everyone. Magnificent.”

Annie, South Hobart Tasmania

At Gutter Vac Tasmania, we do everything in our power to ensure our customers are satisfied with their gutter cleaning service. When customers send us feedback like this, it is a humbling experience. We are extremely grateful to our customers taking the time out of their day to say thank you, it puts a smile on our faces. Thank you, Annie, your kind words have a big impact.

Use Gutter Flow Gutter Guard In Conjunction with Regular Gutter Cleaning

Do you have heavy debris in your gutters?

Are you forever cleaning them to stay on top of the debris and blockages?

Gutter cleaning is beneficial for the lifespan, as well as their overall condition, of the guttering.  

Have you considered a gutter guard that you can remove easily and lengthen the time in between cleaning the gutters?

Gutter Flow is a bottle brush style gutter guard that is easy to install. It slides in and sits under the hanger of the gutter. The debris sits on top and allows any water to pass below through the bristles.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard

Installing Gutter Flow is an effective method of keeping your gutters clean when used in conjunction with regular gutter cleaning.

If you simply install gutter flow and leave the debris to build up on top of the guard, over time, the debris becomes too heavy and will collapse the bristle. The guard will deteriorate and weeds and plants will likely grow in the debris. The roots will then get entwined in the gutter flow causing it to not be effective.

Gutter Guard Hobart

Using gutter guard in conjunction with gutter cleaning is one way to stay on top of things, especially if you are faced with blockages and overflows regularly. It prevents the debris from entering the downpipes and causing issues further down the line.

Another good option is cleaning the gutters on a schedule of three, four or six monthly periods. This option cleans the corrosive sludge, not leaving it to rust the gutters. It leaves the gutter free to allow the water to follow the path intended. The roof and valleys are cleared and keeps them in good order.

Whichever option you decide to choose, please take home the fact that the only way to keep your gutters looking heathy and clean is that you will always need to clean the gutters. It does not matter what style of guard you install, a gutter clean will always be required. You should weigh up the options and costs of supply and installation and then what it costs to clean the gutters in the future and how many times it will be required.

If you would like some help with determining what your options are, please contact us at Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

Happy Days are here again for this Launceston Gutter Cleaning Customer

“ My gutters were initially cleaned at the end of last year – however, since then, I noticed a leak onto the deck where there previously was none. Chris was more than happy to have a look and then sorted the problem. Outstanding, cheerful superior customer service from Chris and his team. Highly recommend.”

Ailsa, Launceston Tasmania

Wow! How nice it is to hear that our customers are happy with their service. We are always working to make our gutter cleaning service great.

Thank you Ailsa for giving us a glowing reference.

Water Ingress To A Warehouse in Grove Fixed By A Gutter Clean

A customer enquired about having their gutters cleaned in their warehouse in the Grove area. The gutters were quite full and had not been cleaned in a very long time. Consequently, they had water ingress in the warehouse due to the gutters being full of weeds, reeds and mud.

Once the debris was removed, we found the gutters to be mostly in good condition. There was some signs of surface rust starting to show in places. The gutter sludge can be corrosive and this will shorten the life time of the guttering if left.

Gutter Clean Hobart

This down pipe was blocked with mud to the first bend. As water could not access the down pipe it overflowed into the warehouse. This could be a disastrous outcome if you have items stored in the warehouse that could be destroyed from water damage. 

Gutter Clean Hobart

Maintaining regular gutter cleaning will ensure the gutters have a longer life. It will also ensure that water will traverse where it should, in the gutters and down pipes.

Gutter Clean Hobart
Gutters clear of reeds, weeds and mud.

Kingston Gutter Cleaning Service, Another Happy Customer

“Gutter-Vac provide a fantastic service. I received a very prompt and reasonable quote. All communication was very professional and polite. A friendly employee turned up on the agreed date and time, and the job was done in a very thorough manner, including before and after photos. I would highly recommend this business to anyone.”

Mike, Kingston Tasmania

The team always feels good when they get feedback from our customers. But when it is as detailed as this, it gives a good buzz to the day.

We appreciate the time it takes to let us know how the gutter cleaning service went, so thank you Mike.