A Great Review From one of Gutter-Vac Knox’s Commercial Customers !

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A Great Review From one of Gutter-Vac Knox’s Commercial Customers !

“One of the most professional businesses i’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. The work was done well and without fuss. They seem to have a great customer service mindset – they will do the little extras without charging and they are happy to quote and handle repairs if needed too. I like that it’s a “full service” mindset. It gives me great confidence in using them going forward and recommending them to others. Thanks Bryan!”

Glenn – Mel’s Angels Early Learning Centre

Thanks for your great review Glenn ! 

If you require a trusted and professional Commercial Gutter Cleaning service, contact Gutter-Vac Knox on 1300 654 253 or knox@guttervac.com.au

Simon from Upwey recommends Gutter-Vac Knox

Simon from Upwey recently used the services of Gutter-Vac Knox for the gutter cleaning of their home in Upwey and kindly posted this Google Review.

“Amazing service, definitely recommend and will re-use every year. We contacted Bryan from Gutter-Vac who went physically to our home (the other companies used Google Street) to do a proper assessment of our gutters and when he sent us the quote which also had pictures of our roofs gutters.

Bryan answered all of our questions promptly and when he completed the job we were just blown away by the quality of the work when we arrived home.

He took and shared pictures of the gutters before and after (what a difference it made) and since the gutters are vacuumed there was no trash or leaves on the ground around the house anywhere. On top of the gutters, he also vacuumed the roof which gave a VERY clean look to our house.

We also were very happy with the price paid compared to the other services we contacted.

We will definitely use Bryan’s services from now on and will for sure recommend him to our frineds.”

Simon – Upwey

Thank you Simon for choosing Gutter-Vac Knox and leaving us that great review!

Gutter-Vac Knox proudly services all of the Knox region including the Dandenong Ranges.

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Another Happy Gutter-Vac Knox Customer !

Mita from Mulgrave recently used the services of Gutter-Vac Knox for the gutter cleaning at her unit and kindly posted this Google Review.

“I contacted Gutter-Vac via email and received a prompt response from Bryan (Gutter-Vac Knox). He did a brilliant job and was very professional and friendly. I am so pleased with the service. I would recommend Bryan to anyone. I will be spreading the word via word by mouth. Thank you once again.  Mita

Thank you  for your business Mita, and also for a great review !


If you require gutter cleaning at your home, please give us a call for a reliable and friendly service that delivers great results !

Gutter-Vac Knox provides Before & After Images

When it comes to gutter cleaning, knowing that you have received what you pay for is in the proof.

Gutter-Vac Knox recently serviced a new clients home for gutter cleaning after the Autumn fall had finished. We got to chatting and she was describing how her previous gutter cleaning contractor had promised that her roof and gutters were nice and clean again after the previous Autumn fall, only to notice masses of leaves flying off her roof on the first windy day following.

At Gutter-Vac part of the service we provide our customers is before and after images of the condition and build-up of debris in the gutters before the service and the results after we have finished.

These images are very important for our customers peace of mind knowing that the job they have paid for has been completed to a professional standard.

Some of the before and after images can be quite impressive and customers often do not realise just how bad the build-up was in their guttering.

So if you are after a prompt, professional and thorough gutter cleaning service with PROOF give us a call at Gutter-Vac Knox today  1300 654 253



Gutter-Vac Offers PMP’s

The importance of being proactive with your property maintenance and not reactive is never more relevant than with Gutter Cleaning at your home.

If Gutter Cleaning is a thought that comes to mind when you hear the forecast for storms the next day, you will most likely struggle to find a reputable gutter cleaning technician with such short notice. You will then be left with the unenviable job of trying to clean the gutters yourself after work that evening, or worse still having to take the chance that your gutters and downpipes that are full of leaves and debris do not cause water damage to your home.

Gutter-Vac offers a Preventative Maintenance Program to all our clients whereas we can schedule periodic gutter cleans to ensure your home will never have issues with water damage.


Call us for a free quote for your Gutter Cleaning Service. 1300 654 253

A Happy Berwick Gutter Cleaning Customer.

Gutter-Vac Knox recently performed a gutter cleaning service for Maureen of Berwick and she kindly left us this review.

“Bryan responded promptly to my request for a quote to clean the gutters. I found his rates very reasonable. Bryan arrived on time to conduct the job, acted highly professional and completed the work in a timely manner.

Bryan took the time to show me the before and after photos which really impressed me. He also went out of his way to ensure the property was left in a tidy condition, over and above what was required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bryan’s services.”

Maureen – Berwick

Harry from Boronia recommends Gutter-Vac Knox

Harry posted the following Google Review describing his experience: “Found Bryan’s Gutter-Vac Knox via a google search. Left a message via internet contact and received a prompt reply and subsequently he completed a very thorough long overdue gutter clean. We were extremely impressed with the professional manner in which Bryan communicated with us and the way he tackled the job. Very satisfied with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend Gutter-Vac Knox to others and will definitely use Bryan’s services when next needed.” Harry Van Rossum – Boronia   Thanks Harry for your business and a great review !

Has your chimney had a flu jab yet ?

Many residents throughout the Knox region and Dandenong Ranges rely on wood heaters as their primary heating in the home. Wood heaters are a fantastic form of clean heat compared to some ducted heating systems, however they do require some maintenance.

Chimney and Flue cleaning for your wood heater should be done once a year as part of the maintenance required on your home. Failing to do this can lead to two main problems- inefficient heating or even a chimney fire.

Creosote is a byproduct that comes from burning wood and will stay in your chimney or flue until it is removed. Creosote is a substance which left to build up over time can become very difficult to clean. If this build up gets too heavy, it can prevent smoke properly venting and can potentially cause risk of smoke and carbon monoxide fumes entering your home. The other big potential risk is a chimney fire, caused from the creosote build-up igniting within your chimney.

Chimney and Flue cleaning is another service that Gutter-Vac Knox offers to our customers. We work from your roof safely and fully harnessed cleaning your chimney or flue from the top down dislodging all the creosote build-up and leaving you with a flue that will breath properly and make for a more efficient and better burning wood heater.

Ask us about the discount we can offer when booking your gutter cleaning and chimney clean together.


Give Gutter-Vac Knox a call on 0437 910 050 or 1300 654 253.

Gutter Cleaning using the Ground Workers Kit

Every so often we can come across a building or roofline were we cannot access the roof for gutter cleaning.

The pitch of the roofline maybe to steep making it unsafe, the roof maybe terracotta tiles which are susceptible to breaking easily or in the case of some carports and sheds there may not be the structural support required to work from the roof.

In this situation we revert to our “ground workers kit “. Our ground workers kit consists of rigid aluminium extension poles and a clear candy cane shaped pole which we use to go over and hook back into the guttering enabling us to clean effectively from the ground. We can effectively clean guttering on a 3 story building using this method.

Check out this short video showing the ground workers kit in action.

Gutter-Vac Clean.Safe…Easy.

Karen from Croydon recommends Gutter-Vac Knox

Karen recently hired Gutter-Vac Knox through Hi-Pages to Vacuum Gutter clean her home and carport and left this review .

“Very efficient service, prompt and great result. Was sent before and after photos of the gutters so I could see how clean they were.”

Karen Kane – Croydon

Thanks for the review Karen !

Before and after photos are an important part of the service that we provide for our customers. It really gives them an appreciation of the condition of their gutters before cleaning and an understanding that gutters need regular cleaning/maintenance to prevent potential costly issues related to water damage from blocked gutters and downpipes. They are also great evidence of how well the Gutter-Vac system works with cleaning gutters thoroughly !

If you are considering having your gutters professionally cleaned give Gutter-Vac Knox a call on 0437 910 050  or  1300 654 253.