Roots in a Down Pipe Causing Overflow Issues in Mount Stuart

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Roots in a Down Pipe Causing Overflow Issues in Mount Stuart

The gutters can be  clear of debris but if the down pipe has a plant growing out of it then water is not free to flow away from the house.

When there is a root system as shown in the picture, water will slowly make its way through and away as long as it is a slow steady rain.

But if we have a big downpour, it is more likely to overflow and not make its way down the down pipe.

Sometimes there is no plant to give you an idea that the problem is there over the down pipe.

This gutter, in Kingston, had  leafy debris sitting over the down pipe. It matted tightly, forming a top over the gutter which would not allow the water to escape down the down pipe.

The next photo shows another plant and root system that was found in the bend of the down pipe.

Blocked Down Pipe

It really pays to have your gutters cleaned regularly and to keep the down pipes clear. You will have fewer water issues and you will be looking after the life of the guttering. When these root systems grow and accumulate, water gets trapped and will deteriorate the guttering and down pipes much faster.

Do You Have Moss Growing On Your Solar Panels?

Just the slightest of spots on a solar panel can cause an inefficiency in the output of power.

Dirty solar panels can lose up to 50% of efficiency, when compared to clean solar panels. These are the results of recent university research.

Do you drive around with a dirty windscreen on your car?

It is so much clearer looking through a clean windscreen. Using the wiper blades keeps the middle of the windscreen clear but when you look at the edge of the windscreen a dirty film collects and is not wiped by the blades. The visibility of light is obscured in the outer parts of your windscreen. This is the case on a solar panel, if light is obscured then this loss of light will decrease the efficiency of the panel.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dust and grime collects and settles on the panel. Rain water carries particles that are left on the panel after the rain has evaporated. Moss and lichen grow in spots and reduce the efficiency.

If you have gone to the trouble and expense of installing a solar panel system, then you want to get the most out of them.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania cleans solar panels and we have a scheduling program to send out a reminder every year. We also reduce the price per panel when combining the solar clean with a gutter clean.

Why not obtain a no obligation free quote today for both solar cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Lenah Valley Gutter Cleaning Customer Happy With the Results

“Cleaning was professional, fast and thorough. Our gutters had suffered from several years of neglect, and the before and after photos provided shows the excellent job done, with no mess left behind around the house!”

David, Lenah Valley Tasmania

Thank you David for taking the time to fill out our customer survey. It is great news that you are happy with the service you have received.

Rusty Gutters in Kingston

These gutters have been installed with a fixed metal gutter guard. There are gum trees all around.

The guard would have been installed to prevent the gutters from blocking with gum leaves and the long stringy bark that the trees shred.

When installing this type of gutter guard where gum trees and other deciduous trees lose a lot of litter, it is a good idea to have a gutter cleaning maintenance program. The litter does not fall into the gutters any more due to the gutter guard. It sits on top.

Gutter guard Kingston

Over time the debris breaks down and falls through the holes in the guard. This is a nutrient rich composition for grass and moss to grow. Birds and wind drop seeds into the gutter and it grows in this perfect environment.

If you go to the trouble and expense of installing this fixed metal gutter guard, you need to put in place a gutter cleaning program. Removing the debris from on top of the guard and maybe completing a spot clean to under the guard every six or twelve months will keep the build up to a minimum.

Having the two go hand in hand and will keep the debris off the roof and slow the break down of matter into the gutter. This will prolong the life of these gutters.

However, if you only install the gutter guard and expect to never have to clean the gutters again, you would be wrong.

Here is a prime example of leaving the corrosive debris to sit in the gutters.

Rusty Gutter from Gutter guard Kingston

The shed had no guard on it and was left too long in between gutter cleans. An annual clean to the shed gutters will slow any corrosion and keep these gutters in good condition for a lot longer.

Gutter cleaning Kingston

Gutter-Vac Tasmania can help you create a maintenance program that is specific to your situation. Whether you have gutter guard installed or not, you should probably be completing regular gutter cleans to your gutters so they do not deteriorate as quickly and you get longer use out of them.

A Very Happy Kingston Gutter Cleaning Customer

“Very happy with this job – nice to see before and after photos, and great that you were able to fit us in earlier than scheduled.”

Philip of Kingston Tasmania

Due to the nature of the weather in Tasmania, we save rain days. We save this spot to move work that can not be completed due to weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

When there is no work to be rescheduled, we are able to bring other work forward to accommodate customers that require the work completed as a priority or would like it done sooner rather than later.

We do our best to make ourselves available to our customers. The best way a customer can get work completed when they desire, is to ring in advance of the date they wish the work carried out and schedule the job.

Gutter Clean to Remove Agapanthus From These Taroona Gutters

If left to grow in gutters, Agapanthus can form a strong root ball and take hold of the gutter and the grow under the roof into the cavity.

Agapanthus love to grow in the full sun to part shade. They do not need a lot of watering, except in the hot, dry weather. Having adequate water at this time sees them through. Gutters with these plants in them will hold moisture due to the root ball being so thick.

This is not good for your gutter. Moisture held in gutters will rust much faster than dry clean gutters. The weight of the plants and soil they grow in can cause the gutter to sag away from the fascia board.

Did you know that a plant grown from seed takes four or more years to flower?

So if you have Agapanthus growing in your gutter and they are flowering, it is likely they have been there a long time.

The photo below shows a line of Agapanthus growing along the fence. The seeds have been blown by the wind or dropped by birds into the gutter and grown in the very suitable mulchy sludge that was in the gutter.

Gutter Clean Taroona

You do not want to leave these plants to grow large and multiply. Once the root bulb takes hold of the gutter it can become root bound. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to cut these out of the gutter.

This will cost you more in the long run:

  • The gutter clean takes longer, costing more
  • The gutter life is reduced the longer you leave this type of debris to sit. Therefore you may need to replace guttering sooner
  • The plant can grow into the cavity
  • The sheer weight in the gutter can cause sagging, again either replacement of gutter or needing to have a plumber rehang the gutters
Gutter Clean Taroona

These gutters in Taroona took us twice as long as it would normally take to clean.

If you have any plants growing, be it Agapanthus or anything else, the principle still applies.

It will cost more in the long run.

Call us today and give your gutters a new lease on life.

Gutter Clean in Margate Tasmania

We went to Margate to complete a gutter clean. We were told that there was some grass in the gutters.  I think that was an understatement to what we found.

Usually, there might be a run of gutter that has grass but this house had most of it’s gutters full of debris and grass. We removed a bale bag of grass that we hand cleaned prior to vacuum cleaning the gutters.

The grass had some reeds growing amongst it. As it had been in the gutter for some time, the roots had all matted together and we were able to pull out some quite long lengths.

Gutter Cleaning In Margate

The matted roots hold the moisture in the gutter. Leaving your gutters to grow vegetation to this magnitude will deteriorate them faster. Your gutters will rust and eventually holes occur.

There was a pine tree on the property also. The needles lay in the gutter and if not removed will compact down and decompose into a lovely material that is most agreeable for plants to grow in.

Gutter Cleaning In Margate

We have to hand clean the bulk of the pine needles first, as these have a tenancy for blocking our vacuum hoses. The end result speaks for itself.

Below are photos of the down pipe which had pine needles over the top until we removed them. A build up ha accumulated in the down pipe and the moisture over time has rusted the elbow.

Don’t leave it until it is too late. Gutters are expensive to replace. Maintain them and they will last a lot longer.

Check Out What We Found at This South Hobart Gutter Clean

The gutter below the valley is showing signs of rust once the debris was removed.

These gutters are in need of some tender loving care. Over time the gutters have rusted and holes are starting to appear.

Gutter Cleaning in South Hobart

Looking at the chimney in the next photo, you can see a tuft of grass poking out from the gutter. The after photo shows there is a down pipe where the grass is lodged.

Gutter Cleaning in South Hobart

In heavy down pours this can cause overflow issues to occur. It could also cause water to pool in the gutters adding to the erosion process.

Look at what was actually below the tuft of grass.

Gutter Cleaning in South Hobart

This solid root mass was lodged in the down pipe. Water will only soak through this slowly, therefore the gutter definitely held water when it rained.

Now that they are free of debris and the blockage, the gutters will do their job. But they will require some attention where the holes are and regular gutter cleaning to keep them doing their job.