Gutter Clean After Three Years in Burnie

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Gutter Clean After Three Years in Burnie

We recently completed a gutter clean at a property in Burnie. It has been three years between cleans. This valley took us one and a half hours to clean. The roots of the grass had compacted so much that we had to pull hard to remove it. It was one bale bag worth of debris once removed from the gutter.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

Three years later it was not as compacted but it still took an hour to clean this gutter. We hand cleaned and then vacuumed the rest.

There are some gum trees around the property and some gutters have no trees near them.

It is interesting to see that in 2017 we cleaned gum leaves and mud from this gutter.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

Then in 2020 it was full of grass. Gum leaves was the composition that the grass was growing in.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

The following photos show grass growing in the gutters and there are no trees around this building at all.

Grass all cleared from these gutters.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

You can see from the state of these gutters that three years is probably not a good period in between gutter cleans. We would recommend an annual gutter clean.

Not only is the mud and corrosive sludge removed but you are removing the dried leaves and grass which can be a potential fire hazard. An annual gutter clean will prolong the life a of a gutter also.

We are here to help you to assess what period you would require for your cleaning schedule.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Devonport

Do these look like they are self-cleaning panels to you?

Some of our clients have been told they would not have to clean their panels. The rain would wash away the filth. But dirt and grime collects and adds a film over them.

And what about the lichen that may grow? There is also pollen. It sticks to the panel in little yellow spots and even when cleaned off can leave a residue mark.

Cleaning your solar panels regularly will increase the output to your system. Even a small amount of dirt or lichen on your panel can decrease the output efficiency.

Imagine looking through dirty glasses all the time… It makes it hard to see through.

Then you clean them and how bright everything suddenly is!

It is the same with your solar panels.

Imagine just how much more rays can be soaked up if the panels are clean…

There is a certain process you need to follow when cleaning the panels on the roof.

To stay safe from slipping, we start with the lower panels, working from one end and to the other. Then we make our way to the top row of panels and stand above the row so we are not standing in the water used to clean the panels.

Always work either from bottom to top or across the roof and keep ahead of the water you are putting on the roof to clean the solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Devonport

This is not a D.I.Y. task, as it requires safety equipment to work on the roof and has a high risk factor if you do not know how to manoeuvre around the roof and solar panels, avoiding the excess water.

Avoid the risk and get those panels soaking up the rays again. Call in the professionals and see what we can do for you. Combing a gutter clean with a solar panel clean gets you a special rate on the solar panel clean.

Call us for more information, PH 1300 654 253

Grassy Sandy Bay Gutters

Have you looked at your gutters lately?

Do they look like this?

Gutter cleaning in Sandy Bay

You might think that over the Christmas period, it would be a good idea to climb a ladder and attempt to clean the gutters.

One in ten falls result in a brain injury and one in five are hospitalised.

Is it worth the risk?

We use our Work Safe Method Statement to access the risks involved on a job. We complete a risk assessment to adapt to the site conditions and the weather, so we are safe at all times.

Using our safety equipment, we can get onto your roof to clean the gutters or work from the ground if the situation calls for it.

If you have any questions on our process to carry out the work safely, please call to talk to our team.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Gutters?

Gutter cleaning in Hobart

We often get asked how often the gutters should be cleaned.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered:

  • Amount of trees in the vicinity
  • Do you have bird activity?
  • Where do you live? Near a beach, in the bush, in an industrial area or a suburb, etc.
  • Do you have trees near the house or any overhanging the roof?
  • What type of trees are they, deciduous or coniferous?

We also get asked about gutter guard.

You would be surprised to know the number of people who think they never have to clean their gutters again if they install gutter guard.

Gutter guard is a tool to help keep the gutters clear which allows for the water to flow as it should, through the gutter system. When combining the use of gutter guard  and gutter cleaning, you can maintain your gutters and keep them blockage free.

Add the cost of installing gutter guard, which varies depending on the type, to the cost of cleaning the gutter, up to four times the cost of a gutter clean depending on the type of guard and you could have an expensive maintenance job to deal with.

It can be preferable to have a more frequent schedule for gutter cleaning rather than go to the expense of buying and installing gutter guard.

The above pictures were taken in 2018. This client in Hobart, has a tree overhanging the front two gutter lines.

We have been asked to come back in 2020 to complete a clean and the pictures below show the amount of debris collected and the vegetation that has grown over the two years. They asked about installing gutter guard, thinking they would not have to clean again or at least less frequently.

In this situation, the debris would sit on top of the guard and we would need to clean of the top every year. The debris would breakdown and fall through the holes in the guard and grass or weeds would eventually grow through. A full clean would then be required which means removing, cleaning and refitting the guard. A costly exercise.

We suggested not installing gutter guard and that we clean the gutters every year(which we would have need to do with gutter guard installed). In doing this the debris and corrosive sludge will be removed, prolonging the life of the gutters.

Gutter cleaning in Hobart

We provide a roof and gutter report of the work carried out with every job. We will recommend a cleaning schedule and send you a reminder when the next clean is due.

Gutter Cleaning in Kingston

“Thank you for a prompt and efficient job and getting this fitted in way earlier than the booked Jan timeframe, I really appreciate it.  The technician was friendly and thorough, and I appreciate the efforts of your entire team, I have already recommended your company to my family and friends.”

Tanya, Kingston, Tasmania

It is our aim to be as helpful to our clients as we can. Thanks for the feedback Tanya and letting us know we are getting it right.

Bushfire Season, Have You Cleaned Your Gutters?

Bushfires can be many miles away and still affect communities.

The smoke is the most obvious indicator of fires. It can be very hazardous to asthmatics and people with respiratory issues. There are large particles that irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs which causes coughing and uneasy breathing and sore eyes. When there are finer particles entering deep in the lungs, much more damage is caused.

Smoke from the fires south of Kingston Tasmania, January 2019

The wind brings the smoke and with the wind, fine embers from the fire, known as ember attack.

Burning debris, such as, leaves, twigs and bark, are carried with the wind and can land on dry  material that can spark, creating another fire. In Australia, the bark on trees are considered the most dangerous source for ember attack. The Stringybark Eucalypt is well-known for dropping large sections of bark caught alight.

This is why it is so important to have a bushfire prevention plan in place. You need to be ready to prevent the embers attacking your home. Clear any dry, flammable materials, that are a fire hazard, away from your home; ie in your gutters, materials lying around the yard or dispose of any green waste from yard work. Store flammable chemicals according to code. Make sure your sprinkler system is maintained and working if you have one.

Summer is near and it is time to think about clearing up the debris from winter before it becomes dry and flammable.

Is Your Neighbour’s Tree Impeding Your Gutter Line?

We have come across a property where the boundary is up close to the house. Next door have trees and shrubs that have taken over and grown up and onto the roof of the house.

It made access impossible to the gutter and we could not complete our gutter clean.

Having trees and debris in and on your gutter can cause multiple issues. The weight can cause the gutter to sag or even come away from the house. Constant moisture would be present, together with the corrosive sludge, would contribute to the premature rusting of the gutter.

Talking to your neighbour is your first course of action.

A discussion of what can be arranged that is accommodating to both parties for the removal of the tree limbs/brush, where there is considerable expense, will aid in keeping an amicable relationship between neighbours.

Yes you are entitled to trim back your neighbours tree and throw the rubbish on their side of the fence.


Before doing this you should check what rules apply at your local council.


Do you want to live happily with everyone?

This was a big job to remove to foliage but it is going to help preserve the life of this gutter.

Gutter Cleaning Sandy Bay