Commercial Property Managers Happy with Gutter Cleaning Service

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Commercial Property Managers Happy with Gutter Cleaning Service

“Chris and Therese were competitive on pricing, professional and quick to respond. They booked an entire gutter clean of a large shopping plaza in a week and completed in one day. The before and after photos sent and the roof report are very detailed and extremely handy for us and the landlord. We will continue to utilise the services of Gutter-Vac regularly at this site and any other sites we need. Thank you very much and we look forward to continuing to use Gutter-Vac in the future.”

Gabriella, Launceston Tas

The reports and photos are a great tool for property managers to maintain the portfolio of properties they look after. We also provide a reminder service, that let’s the property manager know when the next gutter clean is due. Our lives get very busy and before you know it, it is time for a gutter clean again.

We get many clients amazed that a year has gone by and are happy of the reminder as time has got away from them. From the photos below, you can see how important it is to clean complexes with box guttering. This guttering is a meter wide and still collects debris in it that could cause damage, if left not cleaned. In a complex like this, water damage could be very expensive to the building repairs and any stock replacement.

Thank you Gabriella, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide feedback on the work we complete for you.

Do You Know the Signs of Blocked Gutters and Downpipes?

It is very important to keep gutters and downpipes free of any debris. If debris is left to build up, the condition of your gutters and downpipes can deteriorate. This could potentially cause damage to your roof and house.

Vacuum cleaning the gutters regularly will ensure that you remove the corrosive matter and give your gutter a longer lease on life.

Blockages can cause water ingress, plant growth as well as attract unwanted insects and vermin. Your gutters could deteriorate and corrode/rust from the water pooling if blockages dam the water or the destructive debris is left to sit in the gutter for long periods of time.

Do you suspect there is a blockage in your gutters or downpipes?

Signs of a blockage in your gutter:

  • Debris like sticks, leaves and dirt trapped in gutters and valleys. Grass and plants growing in the gutters.
  • Trees, shrubs and vines growing over the gutter and roof.
  • Debris can attract pests like birds, mice and snakes. Birds will pull at this debris and you will find it on the ground in these areas.
  • Leaking water –internal leaks from inside the roof cavity or dripping down the side of the external walls, gutters and downpipes.
  • Detached gutters that become loose from the house due to carrying excess weight. Extra supports may be required to re attach the gutter if damaged in this way.
  • Overflow issues – especially in heavy downpours.
  • Water pooling in stormwater pits could suggest a blockage underground.

Signs of blocked downpipes:

  • Splashing of debris/water from the pipes
  • Cracks in the foundations of the house from the pressure of the blockage
  • Mould or lichen can begin to grow on the roof, eaves, gutters and walls of your house.

Unblocking a gutter or downpipe could be as simple as climbing your ladder and removing the offending debris causing the blockage. Or it could be much more difficult like blockages in the downpipe resulting in needing tools and a hose to clear it. In some cases, the whole downpipe may need to be dismantled to clear the blockage.

Without professional tools, experience, and knowledge, unblocking gutters and downpipes can prove difficult. Completing this task yourself, could damage your downpipes and gutters if not done correctly, which could result in unwanted expenses to fix it. There is a risk when working at heights and a potential fall from ladders or rooves. The professionals are trained to carry out this work and have the equipment to get the job done.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania is here to help with over 20 years of experience. Get in touch for a free quote or make a booking today.

Clouds Rolling in, Have You Cleaned Your Gutters Yet?

We are constantly watching the weather when we are on the roof.

It can become unsafe to be caught on the roof in a sprinkle of rain. Just a small amount of water can make a dirty roof very slippery.

If it is only a light shower or intermittent rain, we use our ground workers system to vacuum clean the gutters. When the rain becomes more persistent, it is time to pack up. There is no point sucking water into our drums.

Storms also remind us to clean our gutters. Sometimes, leaks appear or overflows occur. This could mean they are full of debris and require a clean. Good maintenance would be to have them cleaned regularly so that in times of storms, you know they are clear and can handle the flow of water.

We see time and time again, after a huge rain event, many people ring to have emergency cleaning of gutters. They have not been cleaned for some time and everyone wants a gutter clean immediately. It then becomes hard to schedule everyone in.

The best advise is to maintain your gutters on a regular basis and enjoy the clouds rolling in with peace of mind.

Body Corporates Happy with our Gutter Cleaning Service

“An excellent service, as always. We have been using Gutter-Vac for some years now in our group of units and have always found Chris & Therese’s team service to be exceptional, from sending reminders when services are due, to coordinating their attendance, carrying out the cleaning efficiently, and providing feedback (with photos) afterwards, as well as noting any roofing/gutter condition which may require attention. A great team, highly recommended.”

The Woods Body Corporate per Manager, Dynnyrne, Tas

Our commercial and residential customers love it when we provide them with photos of the work our technicians completed. It provides evidence of the clean and information on the condition of the gutters. Our customers also receive a report, attached with the photos, that states any recommendations of future works and how regular their gutters should be cleaned.

Our office staff strive to get photos, reports and invoices out within 2 business days. Gutter-Vac Tasmania also offers a no obligation reminder service giving customers the choice to be sent reminders when their next gutter clean is due. This free service can come in handy in our busy seasons when wait times can be up to months. We are so glad that you are happy with our services. Thank you for the positive feedback, it is always appreciated.

A Gutter Cleaning Company You Can Trust, Says Glenorchy Customer

“Have used gutter vac for a couple of years now, good to be able to leave premises and be able to trust them to do excellent job.”

Gillian, Glenorchy Tasmania

There are so many of our customers that we have not met face to face. We either deal with them over the phone or by email. Some of the clients are long time customers and we just get on with their clean every year and they don’t ever worry about their gutters.

It is good to know that we do not require the client to be home when we do our gutter clean. As long as we have access to the roof and the back yard if we need it, then we can get the job completed.

This helps busy people to go about their daily business and know that their house is receiving the maintenance it deserves.

There are exceptions when animals need attention. For the most part, if we can get on the roof and work from there, the pet is fine in the backyard. They may make a bit of noise but as long as they are not fretting, we are happy to get the work done.

We will work in with clients to book their times but it can be tricky to get it right when the schedule is full. We try to accommodate everyone and do our best to work in with the clients.

Glenorchy Gutters in Desperate Need of a Clean

It is not good to neglect the cleaning of gutters. Build up of debris can cause a lot of damage.

Blocked gutters cause:

  • Overflow
  • Water ingress
  • Roof deterioration
  • Damage to the gutter and fascia.

The more debris in the gutters, the heavier it becomes. The gutter is designed to remove the water, not hold onto dirt, mud and moss or plants and grass. When the gutter cannot hold the weight of its contents it will pull away from the house. The gutter could be bent out of shape and cause damage to the fascia where it is attached to.

When debris is left for long periods of time, the corrosive mater in the gutters will create rust. The gutters will start to deteriorate quickly once rust sets in. Regular cleaning of gutters can prevent this and prolong the life of the gutters.

Gutter cleaning
These gutters are underhung and reinforced with brackets.

Water overflow in the gutter below, could potentially flow into the house with this gutter. The structure attached to the gutter could dam the water, pushing it back into the cavity. It is essential to keep this gutter clear of debris to allow the correct flow of water.

Gutter cleaning

Allowing plants to grow can send a root system into the roof or create a matted ball in the gutter. It takes longer to clean the gutters, as we must hand clean first and then can vacuum clean the gutters. The cost of this gutter clean was two to three times the price it should have been on a regular gutter clean.

Regular gutter cleaning will save you money and potential damage.

Another Happy Gutter Clean Customer in Blackmans Bay

“We were very happy with the work done and appreciated the photos.”

Robin, Blackmans Bay

We often get positive comments on our before and after photos as they demonstrate the work that was completed at the property. They also provide insight on the condition of the gutters and if further work is required to be actioned.

Thank you for the positive feedback, Robin, we appreciate it. 

7 Camping Spots Around Tasmania For the Holidays With The Kids

It is that time of year again… The holidays are upon us and summer time is here.

Do you want to get away with the kids and get into the great Tasmanian outdoors? Are you planning to get away for that long weekend or even just a night? 

There are some great camping spots around Tassie. Here are seven of our favourites ready for you to enjoy with your family.

Friendly Beaches

The friendly beaches are about two and a half hours drive from Hobart and is well worth the drive. The beaches are accessible by both vehicles and walking. The beaches you will find in this area may be the most beautiful beaches you will ever come across. A valid parks pass is required to visit Friendly Beaches. At Friendly Beaches, campgrounds are available at Isaacs Point. Some of these sites are free if you have a parks pass. If you intend on camping, you must be aware that Freycinet is a fuel stove only area which means no fires are allowed in the national park. There are plenty of family fun activities to do like fishing, swimming and walking. 

Cockle Creek

Cockle Creek is a place filled with coves and beaches. You will find the water is brown where the river meets the salt water, this is because it is rich in tannins that are trying to reach the ocean. There is an abundance of walks that span from 5 minutes to 2 hours to 6-8 days. A bronze sculpture of a southern right whale is located at Adams Point. You can visit this attraction either by walking or driving. The information here about this historical site is educational. At Cockle Creek, there are two options of camping areas: Southwest National Park (Valid Park Passes required) or Recherche Bay Nature Recreation Area (State Forest). Dogs are welcome on a lead at nature recreation area, but not in the national park. Cockle Creek is approximately a 2-hour drive from Hobart.

Captain Cook Holiday Park 

This spot is situated on Bruny Island which is located on the South-Eastern coast about 40 minutes from Hobart. The only way to access the island is by ferry that is caught from Kettering. There are plenty of options for accommodations whether you are camping or would like to stay in one of the beautiful villas. The park is opposite the beach where, if you are lucky enough, you can see pods of dolphins and whales in the bay. There are many attractions close by, like the Bruny Eco Boat cruises, South Bruny National Park, walking tracks as well as the Adventure bay store. 

Arthur-Pieman Camping

At Arthur-Pieman, there are two serviced campgrounds with toilet facilities. Manuka and Peppermint both have fresh water available on site. There are also several un-serviced camp sites along side the coast with access to a limited amount of fresh water. There are fees to stay at the above-mentioned sites, please visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Services for more information. The campground is about a 5-minute drive to Tasmania’s Edge of the world. This attraction is basically like looking of the edge of the world. Many visitors have said that you can get lost here for hours. 

Black River 

The campground at Black River is located approximately 2km west of Peggs Beach Camping area. There are plenty of private spots for you and your family to camp in. This campground is located about 15 minutes west of Hellyer Beach. There is plenty to do here like hiking, fishing, kayaking, bike riding and so much more. There are fees to stay at Black River so be sure to do some research before you go. 

Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park

Lake St Clair is part of the Cradle Mountain heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World of Heritage Area. There are a range of short and long tracks to be explored that meander off through ancient rain forests. Over millions of years, Lake St Clair has been carved out by glaciers and is now deemed Australia’s deepest freshwater lake. Many things like fishing, overnight walking and swimming can be done here. You can camp at Lake St Clair Camping grounds where you can find beautiful, sheltered camp spots. 

Eldee Camp Spot

This camp spot is located in Carlton about 45 minutes from Hobart. Eldee is an unpowered camp spot with natural bush surrounding the area. This spot is close by to dog friendly beaches as well as Dodges Ferry shops. You could take a day trip to Port Arthur as it is only 50 minutes away. Available at the campground are; toilets and showers, camp kitchen with fridge and cooker, as well as exercise equipment. This site is a pet friendly one so the entire family can be included. There is a fee at this spot so be sure to do some research. 

So, where will your next family adventure be?  

No Mess Gutter Clean in Invermay

“Gutter-Vac is very straightforward and easy to do business with. The gutter cleaning was professional and well done with no mess left behind.”

Matthew, Invermay 

The only evidence our customers should find when we have attended a property, is their newly cleaned gutters. We strive to create a straightforward experience for our customer from booking in an appointment, to completing the work and sending out the invoice, report and photos. We do the hard work so you can relax knowing your gutter cleaning is in hand. Gutter-Vac Tasmania offers a no obligation reminder service, so when it is that time of year again, you receive an email asking if you would like to proceed with a gutter clean. This service is for your convenience and ease. 

Thank you for your feedback, Matthew. We appreciate it.