The Kingborough Chronicle ran the following article for Fire Awareness Week

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The Kingborough Chronicle ran the following article for Fire Awareness Week

Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania

recommend homes in bushfire-prone areas have

roof gutters professionally cleaned before summer


“Debris in gutters acts as kindling for embers to start

house fires,” said Chris and Therese.

“You don’t want full gutters when fires are on the horizon.

“Just because we’ve had a wet winter, we can’t be


“Leaves become tinder-dry over summer.”

Bushfire and Natural Hazards, Cooperative Research

Centre CEO Dr Richard Thornton is quoted in an ABC

news article advising the public that “any day in an

environment where it is dry, where you have high winds,

warmer temperatures, low humidity, will be a day that a

fire can start that could potentially impact on communities”.

“As we head through spring, become proactive in

preparing for bush fire season,” recommend Chris and


Fire authorities recommend gutters are cleaned regularly

to help protect properties and reduce the spread of fire.

“Residents who live in high-risk areas are urged to put

together a fire plan and take practical steps around the

home,” said Chris and Therese.

“Scarily, 90 per cent of homes in a bushfire are lost

due to an ember attack, whereby spot fires are ignited

by twigs, leaves or bark embers carried by the wind.

“These embers can land in a home’s guttering and

ignite the property.

“Vacuum cleaning your gutters prior to bushfire season

will ensure that this flammable fuel is removed and

your property is safer.

“It is a busy time for gutter cleaning, so book early and

get the job done.”

Be proactive and call the gutter cleaning specialists on


Fire Awarness

Professional with a Capital “P”. Gutter Clean in Glaziers Bay

“A faultless experience. Professional with a capital P in all respects. It is refreshing in this day and age to deal with people who know what they are doing and do it so well. I refer here not only to the clean itself but to pre and post service, communication, documentation, follow-up etc.”

Gay, Glaziers Bay Tasmania

Our team at Gutter-Vac Tasmania pride ourselves on professionalism as well as great customer service skills. Our before and after photos are always appreciated by our customers. It provides them with insight into the job that was performed and state in which their gutters are in. 

We also include information suggesting recommendations on frequency of gutter cleans and if the gutters or roof require any maintenance. Here at Gutter-Vac Tasmania, we offer a no obligation reminder service, that gives customers the opportunity to be reminded when its time to have their gutters cleaned again. 

Take advantage of this offer and let us do the hard work. Thank you for the lovely feedback, Gay, it is always appreciated. 

Are Your Gutters Fire Ready?

Do you know your fire ratings? 

Do you have a bush fire plan ready? You can prepare a plan a 5 minute bushfire plan by clicking the link, Bushfire Plan.

This link to The Tasmania Fire Service also has other features that can alert you to an current fires, any fire bans, what the current fire rating is, weather and TasAlerts. It is a good link to have saved in ready for the summer season.

The next thing to do is prepare your property against any ember attacks.

Get your gutters and roof clear of any debris. This dry litter is perfect kindling to start a fire from flying embers. 

There is no time like the present to create your fire plan and prepare to clean up the spring debris in readiness for the summer season.

Gutter-Vac Are Great at Gutter Cleaning and Communications

“All dealings with Chris and Therese were pleasant and professional, they were on time and good communicators. Will use them again when needed.”

Simon, Margate Tasmania

All our efforts go to making sure our customers are well catered for and looked after. Our team are well versed in ways to communicate with customers and manage their time efficiently. The days are planned out well in advance and if there is a change, we strive to let our customers know with as much notice as possible. 

Thank you, Simon, for the feedback. 

Gutter Cleaning in Coningham, An Incredible Job

“Always happy with the level of professionalism provided. Operator was punctual, courteous and did an incredible job. I had to leave part way through but all gates and areas that needed to be secured were as I instructed which is important to me as we have an elderly dog and the operator acknowledged that and made sure they closed gates behind him so thank you.. Will go again in twelve months’ time. Thank you 👍”

Karlo, Coningham Tas
Gutter Clean in Coningham

Our technicians pay close attention to detail and endeavour to accommodate our customers’ requests. Customers trust our technicians to enter their property and complete work, you can trust that they have a high level of integrity. We look forward to seeing you again next year Karlo. Thank you for your feedback and business, it is greatly appreciated. 

Solar Panel Clean

Before and After Solar Panel Clean

Gutter Clean

Before and After Gutter Clean

Overflowing Issues with Gutters at Campania

“Thanks Zach and the Gutter Vac team for your consistent response times, care and skill in rejuvenating our gutters. The condition report and before and after photos are much appreciated. Zach, you went above and beyond while wrestling the weather to get the job done in a timely fashion for us. Well done.” 

Andrew, Campania TAS

Andrew had water ingress and required a gutter clean. The weather has not been kind of late and it was a rainy day when Zach went out to Campania. The weather was supposed to improve as the day progressed. 

Zach worked off the ladder to remove debris by hand. Then he used our ground workers system to vacuum the gutters clean. He cleaned the house like this and finally the sun came out and he was able to finish the job on the garage roof by vacuum cleaning those gutters from the roof.

Working in the rain is not fun and when we get such lovely feedback like this, it makes it worthwhile.

Body Corporates and Gutter Cleaning Management

A body corporate is a company hired by the owners of a property to manage two or more dwellings on behalf of all the individual owners/renters. Body corporates can be different for each property and govern different things. Their responsibilities include conducting meetings, collecting and banking levies, advising on asset management, arrange insurance valuations, managing insurance claims, keeping financial accounts and maintenance. 

Body corporates are important because they maintain and manage the common property on behalf of the owners. Which is where Gutter Vac comes into action. The body corporate can organise whole complex maintenance, like gutter cleaning. Due to the scope of the work it may be possible to get the work done on a cheaper scale, as it is one big job and not singularities. Gutter Vac Tasmania have the option for clients to opt into a no obligation reminder service so when the scheduled gutter clean is due, the body corporate can act on what work is required. This is very helpful to the managers of these body corporates as they have a number of properties on their books and it helps them to keep on top of the gutter cleaning maintenance. 

Gutter Vac Tasmania work with multiple body corporates across the state. They trust us as we are trained and fully insured to work at all heights. All technicians have completed their ‘Working at Heights’ certificate which means they are well versed in maintaining safety and OH&S standards. The body corporates always appreciate our condition reports and before and after photos to file them against the properties they manage. 

If you live in a town house or unit complex, you could approach your body corporate for gutter cleaning regulations for your facility or pass our details onto the manager to receive a free quote. 

How Do You Know Gutter-Vac Tasmania Has Completed a Gutter Clean?

“Megan was great to deal with. The team that came to do the work did a superb job and left the place clean and tidy. Wouldn’t have known they had been except the gutters were immaculate.”

Fiona, Middleton Tas

Our team endeavour to be informative as well as neat and tidy. Megan is usually the first person our customers deal with. She is very friendly and happy to help in anyway.

If customers are not present at the time the job is completed, the only way they would know we came, should be the immaculate state of the gutters. Our technicians remove all debris from the gutters and valleys, leaving the property in a clean condition.

The report and photos of the work are then emailed with the invoice the next business day.

Thank you, Fiona, your feedback is great for the team to hear. 

Working at Heights to Clean Gutters

All technicians at Gutter Vac Tasmania are required to complete the ‘Working at Heights’ course. This course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to work safely at heights, not only for their personal safety but for the safety of those around them too. 

The technicians understand how to identify industry requirements and create risk management plans, and follow work procedures and instructions. They also know how to safely access roof tops and install height safety equipment to perform their work in a safe manner. 

Even though the technicians have their ‘working at heights’, accidents can still happen, which is why it is so important to have insurance. Should a technician fall at a client’s property, being a commercial contractor working on said property, means the incident is not covered by the client’s insurance. If the contractor did not have insurance then the client could be held liable for the fall, having to cover costs like medical bills, damages or loss of income. Gutter-Vac Tasmania is fully insured. Customers can relax knowing that the correct measures are taken to cover all aspects of safety and if something was to happen, we are covered and so are you. 

Great Review from our Gutter Cleaning Customer in Hobart

“Very pleased with the excellent communication from the business owners. The level of professionalism was beyond my expectations. What they’ve done in cleaning up the guttering in my investment property was fantastic. The before and after photos were proof of it. I would definitely recommend this business for regular gutter cleaning for your residential or investment properties. Thanks again for job well done.”

Ruth, Hobart Tasmania

At Gutter-Vac Tasmania, we pride ourselves on our communication skills. We communicate to our customers every step of the way, until the job is completed. Should there be any issues, changes to the schedule due to weather, not going to make it on time etc, we let them know. The before and after photos serve the purpose to demonstrate the work completed and the high degree to which our technicians work. The photos are a great way to show the condition the gutters are in. Receiving feedback like this from our customers really puts a smile on our faces. Thank you, Ruth.