Positive Feedback

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Positive Feedback

We love receiving feedback.

Ray from Kenmore had this to say,
“Thank you for prompt service and good job”

Ray has also booked his next gutter clean in for 12 months time.
Making future bookings is great for your peace of mind as you know that your gutters are being checked and cleaned regularly and if there are any problems you will be aware of it.

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Before and after photos

One of our favourite things to do is show our clients before and after photos. Some of our clients have no idea just how heavy their gutters are with debris, so these photos are a great idea to show them just what we have removed from their gutters.
It’s also great for us to see how great our vacuum works and just how much debris we can take away.
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Gutter Cleaning In Winter

Gutters are usually “out of sight and out of mind”. Because of this, it’s not on everyone’s list of jobs to be done. But, it is one job that SHOULD be done.

It is so important to get your gutters regularly inspected and cleaned to prevent costly water damage or the replacement of gutters.

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Guess what we have found when cleaning your gutters?

There are so many things we find in gutters other than leaves. Yes, in most cases we find leaves, dirt, sticks and sludge.

Some of the other things we find while cleaning gutters are snakes, cockroach nests, bird nests, blocked gutters that are holding water, which is a perfect place for mosquitos to hang around.

It’s not a nice thought, thinking that these may be living and feeding in your gutters.

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We Love Receiving Great Customer Feedback

It is always so nice to receive feedback from our customers. We take pride in what we do and love hearing that our customers are happy with our gutter cleaning service.

Alan from Chapel Hill says, “We have been delighted with the work done by their “excellent guy” easily by a visit during the day with minimum disruption, leaving the site fully cleaned after…Gutter-Vac just does it without any need for you to be home.”

Like Alan said, there is no need for you to be at home when we arrive to clean your gutters. We understand the busy lives people that lead and would not expect you to wait around for us whilst you could be doing other things in your day.

One of the things we do pride ourselves in is our professionalism by leaving the site fully cleaned with the minimum amount of disruption.

Thank you for the feedback Alan.