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Authorities are predicting a severe fire season this summer.

Don’t leave it too late to prepare your home.  The CFS recommends regular gutter cleaning as part of the preparation of home and property in the leadup to the Bushfire season.

Gutter-Vac can vacuum clean gutters quickly and efficiently.  We can also supply and install Gutter-Flow gutter guard, which is VO Rated and will prevent leaves and debris accumulating in your gutters.

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Statistics reveal that ladder falls are still one of the major causes of casualties resulting in serious injury or even death. Many of these falls occur around the home while doing home maintenance. Even falling 1 metre from a ladder can result in major injury.

At Gutter-Vac, we are experts at gutter cleaning. All our technicians are trained and certified for working safely at heights. We are also fully insured. With our innovative equipment, we offer a fully guaranteed service with a huge focus on customer satisfaction.

Don’t risk your health, give Gutter-Vac a call today on 1300 654 253.

Another Satisfied Customer

Everyone likes reassurance that they are getting value for money and the service for which they paid.

We happily provide before & after photos for our customers. We feel it is just that extra step that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

Thanks for the great feedback Karen

What’s growing in our gutters?

Mike Downey got a call from a property manager who needed someone to urgently clean the gutters of a two-storey investment property. Here’s what Mike said about this job:

“We turned up to the job this morning and as I walked around the side of the house all I could hear was water dripping onto the pathway. I then looked up and saw what looked like a part of the hurdle to be used for the Great Eastern Steeplechase at the upcoming Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival!

We were wondering why so much water was coming over the top of the gutters…there hasn’t been any rain in Adelaide since Noah and his Ark landed and the air conditioner was situated on the ground.

When we got onto the roof, it was clear the solar hot water system had sprung several leaks and water was running straight in the gutter, feeding the growth!

We managed to remove the ‘hurdle’ and alerted the agent that immediate action was required to fix the HWS.”


A crisis narrowly averted! Great job Mike and team.

Gutter-Vac Adelaide customer review

Gutter-Vac Adelaide Central and South received fantastic feedback via the Adelaide Hills Council. Great work by Mike and his team!

A staff member at Adelaide Hills Council wrote “Just thought I’d let you know that [a client] called me to say he was exceptionally pleased with the job you did for him yesterday. He said you and your boys were professional, friendly, easy to deal with and ‘like a good old fashioned tradespeople’!”

If you’re in the Adelaide Hills, Adelaide central or Adelaide south, get in touch with Mike and the team via 1300 654 253.

An instant return

Mike Downey wasn’t too sure just what to expect when he first tendered his resignation.

Moments later, the former Finance Manager and now Gutter-Vac Franchise Owner in Central and South Adelaide had his first customer.

‘My boss was quite good about it and he sent a really nice email across the whole group advising our 100 odd staff exactly what I was doing. He even included the Gutter Vac website address!’

‘Mind you’ Mike adds, ‘he is probably thinking he will get his gutters cleaned for free. I might give him a bit of a discount but I won’t be giving the shop away.’

Mike can be contacted on 1300 654 253 or