Your Guide to Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Water can do an immense amount of damage to a house, and the only way to prevent that is to ensure that diversion systems like rain gutters are kept clean. It’s an unpleasant chore and often one that falls last on our “to-do” list. But it’s important to get it done nonetheless. 

Let’s take a closer look to understand “why,” shall we?

What Damage Do Clogged Rain Gutters Do?

Unclean gutters accumulate debris that continues to build up over time, clogging the drains further. With clogged channels come a whole host of problems such as:

  • Stagnant water turns into a breeding place for pests
  • Dry but clogged gutters attract critters and rodents
  • Structural damage to your roof, gutter, and drainage system

While postponing gutter cleaning may seem like a great idea at the time, in the long run, it will bring you nothing but an endless list of expenses and headaches.

Benefits Of Rain Gutters

By diverting water, rain gutters safeguard your home’s exterior, prevent insect and rodent infestation, and protect against mould. Some would even swear that rain gutters help circumvent damage to landscaped yards by preventing water clogging, soil erosion and diverting large quantities of water that could possibly drown sensitive plants.

How Often Should You Get Your Rain Gutters Cleaned?

At least twice a year if you intend to get away with as little of this chore as possible, and four times a year if you’re particular about such things.

Another factor determining how often you need to clean is the tree coverage around your home—if you’ve got many trees, you’ll need to clean your gutters more often. However, even without tree coverage, you should clean your gutters right after a storm to ensure they stay clean.

Can You Clean Your Rain Gutters by Yourself?

Yes. It is possible to clean rain gutters by yourself. But we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a professional gutter cleaning specialist! Why? Because it’s hard yakka, you need a suitable and safe ladder, all the cleaning tools required, and the expertise not to damage your gutter system while cleaning. And since we’ve repaired a lot of gutter systems after homeowners had accidents while cleaning, we urge you to be cautious.

How to Keep Your Rain Gutters Maintained?

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a good investment as they prevent debris from accumulating in your rain gutters.

Repair Leakages

When getting your gutters cleaned, request that the system be checked for leaks or other signs of damage. Fixing these during the cleaning will prevent issues from worsening.

Replace Broken Parts

If your inspection turned up some expensive replacements that you couldn’t address immediately, get them done at the earliest. It is best to replace things before the weather worsens or you could risk damaging your property.

At Gutter-Vac, we’ve got the most efficient and effective tools to clean your rain gutters. Furthermore, our team of experienced professionals understands the complexity of rain gutter systems, irrespective of what kind or how old. We work to make sure it performs well against the elements!

Call us today to request a quote or book an appointment!

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