Why Cleaning Ceiling Cavities Is Important

Your ceiling cavity is home to many objectionable things, such as dust, dirt, rat faeces, dead insects, bird droppings, ash from bushfires, and even old builders’ rubble.

Left as it is, the debris will mix and decompose, becoming a ticking bomb of awful smells and messes that are impossible to clean. A dirty ceiling cavity is an open invitation for a range of health hazards that will affect all occupants.

Here are some dangerous risks you face if you don’t clean your ceiling cavity:

Risks to Your Health

One of the biggest problems with decomposing dirt is that the fine particles float into your house through gaps in the ceiling, fittings, and other points of entry. These particles are difficult to detect and become part of the circulating air in your house or workplace.

Once these particles make their way into the lungs, they can lead to serious health issues, especially in those with chronic allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Even if you try to clean indoor air with purifiers, air conditioning filters, and other solutions, the persistent debris in your ceiling will make this a fruitless endeavour. 

Risk of Structural Damage

Dirty ceiling cavities also pose severe structural damage. Lofts and ceiling cavities that haven’t been cleaned in a while might be full of soot and decomposing objects. 

When allowed to accumulate, they become quite heavy over time, only growing unless cleaned out thoroughly. Add this to a leaky roof, and it’s only a matter of time before the entire structure deteriorates.

Risk of Infestation

One of the worst things that could happen in a dirty and damp ceiling is a pest infestation. The conditions inside a ceiling cavity filled with decomposing debris are perfect for birds, rodents, insects, and other pests to remain and thrive.

This makes for many more troublesome scenarios if left untreated. Infestations are difficult and potentially very expensive to eliminate.

Risk of Mould

Mould is one of the more stubborn results of a dirty ceiling cavity. It is impossible and dangerous to get rid of on your own, and mould remediation services can be costly.

You should clean your ceiling long before you spot any mould growth. If it’s too late, you must call in professionals for your household’s safety.

It is vital to get your ceiling cavity professionally cleaned to avoid these risks. Cleaning involves removing the debris and then sanitising the cavity and roof. If you’re thinking of doing all of this yourself, let us stop you there.

You will face many health hazards if you don’t use the proper tools for cleaning. Furthermore, roof insulation requires a professional team to remove and clean. And lastly, the step-by-step process is trickier for someone with no experience.

Our team at Gutter-Vac is fully equipped and trained in dealing with dirty ceiling cavities. If you have an insulated roof, we’ll carefully remove the old insulation and replace it after deep cleaning the cavity. We guarantee you a spotless ceiling cavity that you will never have to worry about. 

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