The Impact of Mould on Your Home and Why It Must Be Removed

Rain, humidity, roof leakages, damp walls, or stagnant water are like a welcome mat for mould to settle in and around your home. And regardless of how the mould gets in, it spreads fast and is known to wreak havoc on your home.

Apart from being an eyesore, mould can damage not only your home but also your health. 

If you’ve been postponing mould removal, these reasons will convince you to get it done today!

  1. May Lead to Structural Damage

While homes are built to resist damage from the elements, problems like mould can still creep up and weaken their integrity.

If you’ve already got poorly insulated walls and leaking ceilings, a mould infestation will only make it worse. Left unchecked, mould can grow through the walls of your house and slowly weaken it. A weakened house structure is at risk of falling apart anytime, putting your family at risk.

Even without this danger, there is still the cost of maintenance and repair associated with a weakened house structure.

  1. Damage to Personal Property

Your personal possessions aren’t immune to mould. Once you spot mould in your home, there’s a higher chance of it spreading to every surface and object inside the home.

Whether it is your vintage furniture or your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, they’re at risk of mould infestation and damage. Mould overgrowth may also cause discolouration and staining on your possessions.

Having to replace your damaged possessions will be expensive and time-consuming. A better option is to deal with the mould at first signs to avoid further damage. 

  1. Reduced Visual Appeal of Your House

Leaving a mould infestation unchecked even for a short time can cause damage to your property. And one of the most obvious damages is the discolouration that comes with it.

Adding to the aesthetic damage is also the cost of repainting your entire house.

  1. Can Cause Your Home to Smell

Nobody wants to walk into a smelly house. A foul smell will not only drive away your guests but also your family members. 

A strange musty odour is one of the common results of letting mould grow in and around the house.

  1. Affects Property Value

Mould issues negatively affect the property value. This is partly due to the damage caused by the mould and partly because it signals a water leakage issue with the property.

  1. Increases the Risk of Accidents

Mould overgrowth can prove to be a major health hazard. From slippery driveways and bathrooms to allergic reactions, mould can impact your home and the occupants living in it.

And since mould spores can become airborne quickly, the danger is even higher for pregnant women and individuals with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems.

Hire a Specialist to Take Care of Your Mould Problem! 

The tricky bit about removing mould is you can never be sure you’ve done a thorough job. That’s why it is better to leave the task to professionals.

And depending on the places affected by mould, different removal strategies may be required. At Gutter-Vac, we provide all kinds of mould removal services regardless of where the mould has lodged itself. Contact us today to protect your home from the impact of mould overgrowth!

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