Why Us and Not You??

Why risk serious injury or worse climbing up onto roofs or ladders when you can employ a fully trained professional to do the job for you. Typically, flooding happens in the middle of a storm or heavy rain, so you might find yourself struggling to clear blocked gutters in the wet and dangerous conditions. We have all the necessary safety equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and quickly.

Cleaning gutters by hand is not always efficient and creates a risk to safety and health. Our specifically designed vacuum machine provides maximum vacuum for both wet and dry areas. We can remove mud, debris, screws, sand and leaf matter. There is not much that we can’t vacuum.

Why take risks yourself. All our safety equipment is registered and tagged and the onsite team all have working at heights certification. OH&S procedures and documentation are carried out at each site and we have public liability insurance to 20 million dollars. So that way, we are all covered.

We can do all this while you are at work. We use no power or water and have no need to enter your home. We will leave no mess that the normal blowers or water blasters may leave, and all vacuumed litter will leave the property with us.

We’ve got you all covered. Commercial, domestic, industrial and body corporates. Homes, units, resorts, workshops. Schools, universities, retirement villages and nursing homes. We will do cattle dips, rain water tanks, insulation removal and dryer vents.

Gutter-Vac will customise your very own maintenance program. Call us now 0424624461

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