Why getting your gutters cleaned is so important!

Gutter vacuum

Over time, your gutters will collect all sorts of debris in them.  It is not just leaves that will clog your gutters, but also dust, dirt, seeds (which often lead to all sorts of gutter growth!) and even items such as bolts, nails or even a tennis ball!

If your gutters become blocked, then when rain occurs (even light rain), your gutters are unable to do their primary job – move that water AWAY from your building.

When a gutter is blocked, the water will simply flow over the edge of the gutter and into your property causing often expensive water damage to your property.

The other challenge is that plant matter in your gutters break down over time and form this sludge type of mud in the bottom of your gutters.  Now firstly, this because a nutritious soil for seeds to grow in which causes all sort of things to begin growing in your gutters.  We have seen this happen time and time again to points where there are 2 metre high plants or plants with root systems that run along inside a gutter for meters. The weight and speed of growth can cause irreparable damage your gutters – it is expensive to replace gutters.

This sludge also is full of nutrition for all those pests and vermin that so conveniently like to live in your roof cavity.  It is like an all your can eat buffet right next door for them is your gutters are full of this lovely nutritious sludge for them.

Finally, this sludge sitting on the bottom of your gutters can also start to, or completely, rust your gutters, creating holes through out your guttering system and I don’t think I need to tell you that if there are holes in your gutters, then the gutters can not carry water away from your property.

So although the leaves and balls and other items can seem the problem for your gutters, this sludge sitting at the bottom under all of these items is the real danger to your gutters and their effectiveness at taking water away from your property.  It is basically impossible to clean this sludge by hand which is why our customers turn to us, because with our wet/dry vacuum gutter cleaning system, we can make short work of that gutter sludge!

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