What Do People Want to Know About Gutter Cleaning?

How much does it cost?
I have a three-bedroom house, about 12 squares…. Is what I am told by the customer sometimes.  But a three-bedroom house could have 1, 2 or 4 gutters and the price can vary depending on how many metres there are in gutters.

Our process of quoting a price on your property is using a tool that can measure your gutters. We use Google Earth Pro as our primary tool. By measuring the gutters and asking you a few questions about the condition of your gutters, we can produce a quote for you.

How do you clean the gutters?
From the roof where possible. We do have a system that can vacuum from the ground when the roof is too steep or slippery. We use a safety system to attach ourselves to the roof and safely vacuum clean the gutters. The vacuum removes the sludge, dirt, leaves and debris from the gutters. Sometimes we must hand clean first and then vacuum. We leave the area in a clean and tidy manner.

Do you take the rubbish away?
Yes, unless asked to leave it for the customer and their compost heap.

How often should we clean our gutters?
We provide you with a report after our gutter cleaning service. We recommend a time frame that best suits your gutters and add you to our maintenance program. We will then call you at this time and see if you would like to go ahead with another gutter clean. This service is free to all customers.

Do I have to be there?
No. We require access to the gutters and if gates are left unlocked then the owner does not need to be home. If you have pets and they are nervous then you might like to shut them away for the day if you can’t be home.

How do we pay, and do I get a tax invoice?
We provide a tax invoice via email and there are bank details to complete a bank transfer.

Don’t have an email or do internet banking… Don’t worry!

We can post you out an invoice and you can either pay by cheque or go into the ANZ bank and deposit the funds straight into the account using the details on the invoice.

You can pay cash on the day.

Do you have the right insurances?
Yes, we are fully insured for 20 million Public Liability. All our workers are covered by workers comp.

When can you do the work?
We are generally booked 2-3weeks ahead.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania provide no obligation free quotes. It is as easy as sending an email, phoning or clicking on the link to submit a website enquiry for a free quote .

Get a quote today and see how the system works for you.



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