Norfolk Island Pine ‘noodles’

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Norfolk Island Pine ‘noodles’

I’m constantly surprised at what my Gutter-Vac machine, takes a liking to.
On today’s menu was a (not-so-fresh) batch of Norfolk pine noodles in a soup of slime and sludge (of course!), with a burp-a-licious side order of freshly seeding, grass!

To be perfectly honest, I was initially a bit nervous about feeding my machine the pine noodles, but as it turned out I had nothing to worry about – they were slurped down without any hesitation whatsoever!

That is, until it choked on an over-ambitious helping of grass/moss near the end of the job.
Darn, isn’t that always the way?

OK, so this was my first ‘blocked hose’ situation – a quick call to Thomas from Gutter-Vac Midland and, after following his advice, I was back on the roof feeding the machine more of those pine noodles (but going easy on the moss-balls).

Pretty soon, it was another JOB DONE!

Seriously, Norfolk island pines are synonymous with coastal towns right around Australia – they’re great trees. But if you’ve got one anywhere near the house or building, you’re going to have a gutter problem sooner or later, probably sooner! The ‘noodles’ don’t break down easily and are very acidic – they’ll quickly start to corrode your gutters.

You know what I’m about to say – regular cleaning of your gutters is the ONLY way to protect your gutters, and Gutter-Vac South West WA have the right equipment to get the job done. Give us a call !

Life’s great, see you next time …



ps – How’s this for a great beachside dining location !