Poor old myna birds, no one much likes them. Unfortunately in Cairns at the moment there is a huge issue with myna birds nesting in roofs and gutters. We have been called out to plenty of properties where the owners tell us that the gutters were only cleaned 6 months ago. Yep, but those nice clean gutters make a great home for myna birds to nest in.

The Mens shed in Cairns recently held a meeting about the myna bird problem and Tim attended and spoke with lots of home owners.

Gutter-Vac are very proud of their Gutter-Flow product which is a VO fire retardant gutter guard…and the myna birds, rats and snakes really don’t like the feel of it. In some cases it might be a matter of installing a gutter guard to stop the myna birds getting into your roof.  Gutter Flow. Gutter guard. Myna Birds..Either way…we have it covered.

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