I’m No Dooms Day Prepper

Yes, time fly’s when you’re having fun! However, are you prepared for what may lay ahead this cyclone season. I know last years cyclone season almost passed unnoticed, and who knows what that may mean to us in 2015. I believe that the Scouts are onto something…`be prepared ‘ is what they say. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that our families, homes and investments are pretty important things to keep safe during cyclone season, and being prepared for the worst is not a bad idea.

Now I am no Dooms Day Prepper, but to maintain your roof and gutters is not a big ask for piece of mind! If your gutters and down pipes are clear of leaves and debris, and in good condition then the water is able to get away.

Guttering on buildings is designed to catch as much water as possible during a rain event. If the gutters or downpipes are blocked the water cannot drain away, it  may cause overflow or backup. This will create no end of trouble with water finding its way into ceiling cavities creating structural damage to the property.

Most insurance companies (check out yours) will not pay out on water damage caused by blocked gutters, downpipes and drains. Water damage must be as a direct result of storm damage or water inundation for example from a lost roof. Thus heavy rain conditions such as we have in Northern Queensland require properly flowing gutters. Sometimes you can’t always see the problem from the ground, and you won’t always notice the overflow until the damage is done.

Gutter-Vac FNQ are more than capable of providing the best possible solutions for the works that you require to roofs, gutters and down pipes on residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Now to the punch line…get organised NOW. Give our Gutter-Vac team a call on 0424624461 or 0428424507 and get that free quote before the rains set in. Just beacuse we are great at our job, doesn’t mean that we are expensive.

Clean. Safe…Easy

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