How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Safety first… remember that a wet roof is slippery, and you should be always moving away from the water. Therefore, always start cleaning the panels from one side and work your way back to the area where your ladder is.

You will need:

  • A hose long enough to reach you panels from the tap
  • A soft brush, a pool brush is good, with an extension pole for reaching the far away panels
  • Sometimes the micro fibre mop pads are enough if it is only dust and dirt being removed

Make sure to secure your hose to the roof so it won’t fall off. Wet the panels down, scrub with the brush, wetting the panels again if necessary. Once all panels are clean, give them a final hose off.

Never use abrasive powders. Yes, you guessed it they could scratch the glass on the panels. The use of detergents can cause streaks on the panels also.

But my first statement of “safety first” is the most important point you should take away from this blog. Water and a pitched roof can be dangerous no matter the height. With the correct equipment we can safely clean solar panels. We are trained at heights for this work.

Call Gutter-Vac Tasmania Ph 1300 654 253. We supply free quotes and discounts apply when solar panels are cleaned with a gutter cleaning service.

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