Happy Hobart Gutter Cleaning Customer

“Chris spent a significant period of time clearing the roof and gutters very thoroughly and professionally”, says Jeremy, of Bonnet Hill, Hobart.

There are areas of Hobart that have a substantial growth of trees in the vicinity of residential houses. These residences should have regular gutter cleaning to keep the gutters clear of debris. This matter also collects in valleys, if the roof is flat or around appliances attached to the roof; like solar panels, air conditioning units or TV antennas.

Jeremy has a flat roof and very little gutter. The debris sits on the roof and if left could cause rust to eat into the roof and leak water into the house. Water run-off is impeded into the guttering as the debris provides a damming effect.

Clearing away the sticks, leaves and sometimes tree branches in a regular maintenance program will look after the life of your roof and gutters.

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