Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, When no one else can get there!

2 pm Friday afternoon, as the rain hammered Brisbane South – East, a warehouse manager in Murrarie sudenly found the site in danger of flooding.


The driveway drains of the loading bay were blocked and the bay was flooding and water was rapidly approaching millions of dollars worth of goods inside.


With less than 2 hours till the site packed up for the weekend, and no end to the rain in sight, these guys needed a gutter cleaning specialist, and they needed one fast!


I guess all the plumbers were out busy with that time frame, but the roof plumbers, they were not working in the rain, but they can if they have to, at ground level!


So Gutter-Vac Brisbane South – East literally went to the rescue and unblocked these drains with not a minute to spare, and left one warehouse Manager with his weekend, stress free.


When your drains are blocked on the roof, or elswhere dont hesitate to call the gutter cleaining specialists, Gutter-Vac.

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