Gutter-Vac Brisbane South East, the only way to clean THAT gutter

Take a close look at this Gutter here in Carindale, it is jammed between two roofs.  The tiles cannot be moved because they have nail clips under them, and the patio roof isn’t going anywhere.  This is common in suburbs all over South East Brisbane, you seen from Greenslopes to Hawthorn and everywhere in between.  Two roofs meeting over one gutter.  But when that gutter fills up with debris, how do you get it all out.  You can’t do it from the ground, and good luck scraping that out with your fingers!   And if you want to try using a leaf blower, get ready for another cleaning job straight after, as you with have mud all under that patio.

You need Gutter-Vac Brisbane South East, the Gutter Cleaning Specialist.  a Vacuum is the only way, and the best Gutter Vacuum, is Gutter-Vac.


As you can see from the after photo, that gutter is clear, no mess, ready for the rains.

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