Are your Gutters Breaking the Law?

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Are your Gutters Breaking the Law?

I often hear people say they don’t have any trees near their house, so they don’t really need to clean their gutters. Well if that was the case, then their gutters would be breaking the law … The Law of Superposition, that is!

The Law of Superposition is used by archaeologists to describe the process of how artefacts are older the deeper they’re buried in the earth. Artefacts are buried in layers formed by Mother Nature that can help date them.

What’s that got to do with your gutters?

As you know, mother nature is constantly blowing around ash, dust, pollen, seeds, dirt and other airborne pollutants – just look at the window sill after a week or two without wiping it. This also settles in your gutters where it forms a layer much like that on your window sill.

The difference though is water. When it rains, all this material becomes trapped in the water forming a nutrient dense sludge – perfect conditions for slime and algae to thrive in!

It only takes one piece of roofing metal, a screw, nail, a nut dropped by a bird – any obstruction that prevents the water from draining completely – for an eco-system to form in the gutter. The algae and slime will thrive during the wet months, then as Summer arrives and the ponded water evaporates, they dry to form a hard-crusty layer in the gutter. You now have your first micro-Superposition layer right there in your gutter, yet from the ground perspective all appears fine!

Next year the same process repeats – Mother Nature never rests – only the sediments build even quicker. A brand-new home can become full of sludge, and growing grass within a few short years – without a tree in sight! It’s usually not until people see grass growing that they realise there’s a problem.

Unfortunately, gutter-screens won’t stop this process any more than flyscreens stop dust reaching your window-sill … only with regular housekeeping – cleaning the gutters – are you able to truly break the Law of Superposition!

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