Spring is coming to Frankston

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Spring is coming to Frankston

It’s been a wet winter this year but Spring is normally our wettest season, so be sure to get your gutters and down pipes cleaned.

If you’re not sure if your gutters are coping, then give us a call. Gutter-Vac Beachside will inspect your gutters and give you a quote if they need cleaning – FREE.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If the worst happens and your gutters are blocked by mud, slush or leaves, resulting in water damage to the inside of your property, your insurance company may not pay out!

Give us a call today or send an online enquiry now.

Customer Service Award for Beachside

Gutter-Vac Beachside has been awarded the Gutter-Vac Outstanding Customer Service award for 2018. Thank you to all our loyal customers for voting the Beachside Team Number 1 in Customer Service. We look forward to continue offering the highest level of service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

So for customers in the Greater Frankston area, give Paul and Julia a call to get the best service in the gutter cleaning game.

Solar Panel Cleaning

As word gets around, more and more of our customers are now getting their solar (PV) panels cleaned by GutterVac Beachside at the same time as their gutter cleaning.

It’s only logical that solar panels operate at their maximum efficiency if they are free of dirt, grime, pollution and bird waste.

Getting your PV panels cleaned at the same time as your gutters saves you money since we’re doing 2 jobs in the one visit. A typical domestic panel array may add only 10% to your gutter cleaning bill – we’ll let you know exactly how much before we start.

We also have the training and equipment to access second storey PV installations. Call us for a free quote.

Spring has Sprung

Winter is finally drawing to a close after one of our most miserable ever!

Residents of Langwarrin, Frankston and Mt. Eliza now need to look up at their gutters and ask, “Do my gutters need cleaning?”

If they look anything like the photo, then it’s time to ring your local Gutter-Vac cleaning team on 0448-488837. We can give you an on the spot quote for your gutter cleaning job.

We can also clean your solar panels, so they’ll be at their most efficient for the sunny months of summer.

If you live in the Greater Frankston area give Paul and Julia a ring today and have the cleanest gutters in the street.

Gutter-Vac Beachside – 0448 488837

Great customer feedback for Gutter-Vac Beachside

Paul and Julia Reinsch from Gutter-Vac Beachside in Victoria have recently received some fantastic feedback from some of their very happy customers. Thank you to Charles, Mark, Andrew and Melanie for taking the time to share your comments with us!

“Thank you for a great job done! I know I should get rid of that wonderful gum tree but I love it.” – Charles from Frankston, Victoria

“Thanks Paul and the team for your reliability. At least getting on the roof is one thing I can automatically cross of my list with you guys around.” – Mark from Mt Eliza, Victoria

Can’t climb on roofs any more. Great to know you will look after the job every year.” – Andrew of Baxter, Victoria

“Without a man around I need people like you – Please come back next year Paul” – Melanie of Carrum Downs, Victoria

Gutter-Vac Beachside delivers professional gutter cleaning services in Frankston, Mt. Eliza, Carrum Downs, Langwarrin, and surrounding areas.

Just do it.

Former IT consultant Paul Reinsch decided he needed a change of lifestyle. For some time he had wanted to find the work/life balance that so many of us aspire to and before long an opportunity presented itself that seemed to ‘tick all the boxes.’

A Gutter-Vac franchise with an existing client base in and around Frankston, Langwarrin, Mt. Eliza, and Carrum Downs was for sale. ‘It seemed to stack up really well’ Paul says, ‘what’s more, a close friend of mine who owns and operates a Gutter-Vac franchise said I would be mad not to take it up.’

It was Paul’s wife Julia who closed the deal and the couple now work closely together, with Paul responsible for field work and quoting while Julia looks after the office and admin.

Cleaning gutters may seem a long way from IT and the rag trade but sometimes you just have to lead with your heart.

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