Why No One Talks About Gutter Cleaning Anymore!!

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Why No One Talks About Gutter Cleaning Anymore!!

Not the usual hot topic that you’ll see on social media or talk about over coffee….

You won’t be talking about gutter cleaning until you see a dreaded water mark on your fascia or worse on your ceiling inside the house.

Once this happens, who will put their hands up around the house to get up on the ladder or worse on the roof to reach all those blocked gutters that have caused the problem??

To avoid this dilemma you should constantly (SAFELY) flush your gutters by running low pressure water through your gutters once a month. Then peak into each downpipe to check that nothing is blocking them such as tennis balls, leaves, sticks or any other random toys that have made their way there.

If like most people… you are short on time or can think of much more exciting things to do than gutter cleaning on the weekend then it’s worth your time calling a gutter cleaning expert.

Mina from Gutter-Vac would be more than happy to get one more thing off your to do list, call Gutter-Vac on 1300 654 253 today!!!

Do I Clean My Gutters This Month Or Wait?

With Melbourne weather cooling down and consistent rain around the corner, you’re thinking what is the best time of the year to get my gutters cleaned?

The best answer I can give is if you can’t remember when the last time was then they’re definitely due for a clean.

Each property is different and there are a number of different gutter types. For most properties a yearly clean will ensure the water keeps flowing through the gutters as it’s supposed too. If your home is surrounded by trees or doesn’t get much sunlight on most parts of the house then moss build up will occur which can also block gutters fairly regularly as well. In this scenario you may need a more regular clean.

To save costly damage on your property and to give yourself peace of mind it is best to get a gutter cleaning expert to look after your gutters.

Call your local gutter cleaning specialist today on 1300 654 253