Downturn sparks Jurgen into action

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Downturn sparks Jurgen into action

An electrician by trade, Jurgen Martz has spent the past ten years working with a local engineering firm in Geelong, involved in the electrical design of heavy industrial equipment for the Middle East.

‘I have been looking for the right business opportunity for fifteen years’ Jurgen says. ‘Seriously in the past six months’ he adds, ‘when the design work started to dry up.’

After investigating any number of businesses and several franchises, Jurgen found the Gutter-Vac opportunity listed on the internet.

‘I can get back outside and be hands on again’ he thought. ‘To say nothing of the fact the work itself is something I can do, while making a real difference.’

The flying miner joins Gutter-Vac

Bendigo resident Adam Isaacs had worked in the mining industry for five years before he decided it was time for a change.

Four of those years he spent flying back and forth between his home in Central Victoria and the Northern Territory before he started investigating various new business opportunities.

‘I had a good look at quite a few’ Adam says ‘but they all fell by the wayside in comparison with Gutter-Vac. This is a business that I can develop and expand to be whatever I want it to be and it’s a job that simply has to be done. If you are a customer why wouldn’t you call upon the most reliable and professional service there is.’