The gutters? That’s them, up there…

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The gutters? That’s them, up there…

Former carpenter Ross Eadie had long wanted to run his own business. It was simply a matter of finding the right opportunity.

Ideally he could work outside, close to his home in Brisbane’s west, while meeting a variety of people for whom he could feel he was making a positive contribution.

Gutter-Vac proved to be exactly that. ‘It’s a tremendous concept’ Ross says, ‘a valuable service and it makes a real difference to people, if only by providing them with peace of mind.’

Ross has been operating since 2008 having undertaken a very thorough and comprehensive training course when he first came on board.

‘The training covered every practical and safety application I could possibly think of. So I had to laugh one day when a client took the time to show me just where the gutters were!’

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