Before And After Photos In Watanobbi.

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Before And After Photos In Watanobbi.

Whenever Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes in Central Coast vacuums gutters, we take before and after photos of the gutters to show the home or business owner. Customers are not expected to climb onto the roof to look at how good the workmanship , so Team Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes takes photos before and after photo and provide them at no cost .

These Before & After photos of the gutter could come in handy if there is ever an insurance claim to be able to prove the gutters have been professionally maintained and cleaned.

Give Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes in Central Coast a call on 1300 654 253 and have peace of mind that your gutters have been professionally maintained.

Look out, snakes and pests are about!

So you’ve just had a pestie over to your home in time for the notorious summer pest season in Queensland. Well done! But what about your gutters? Are you aware pests love neglected gutters, and snakes love the smorgasbord of mice and rats they can provide? Unkempt gutters can undo all the good work of a pest professional!

This year’s warmer weather has resulted in an earlier snake season in Queensland. Typically peak snake season runs from October to November. Snakes are drawn to gutters in suburban homes looking for food. They can then enter the roof space and will need to be removed by a professional, (if you wish to have them removed). This may incur a fee. It is illegal to have them removed by any other means than a registered snake catcher.

A registered snake catcher may be able to perform roof and ceiling inspections also. Have you heard in noises in your roof lately? It could be carpet pythons slithering in your roof space. Carpet pythons are non venomous but their 80 backward facing teeth can inflict a painful bite. Not too mention, it can be tricky to tell the species apart, unless you have a trained eye. Did you know most snake bites occur from people who are trying to kill or capture a snake? The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection says that snakes generally opt to retreat when people come across them, but they can become defensive if they feel threatened. They are usually more scared of you, but it is definitely a job for a registered snake catcher if you wish to relocate them.  

While snakes may be busy preying on rats and mice in your roof, these rodents can also cause separate problems. Rats can carry diseases and parasites. They are also renowned for gnawing roofing materials and wiring. This may result in a potential fire hazard.

Other handy hints to prevent pests in your home include:

Seal any holes and gaps in your house, apart from weep holes!

It is important to ensure weep holes are kept clear. These are tiny holes in the external wall. Their purpose is to prevent moisture buildup in the wall cavity. Yet, weep holes are often overlooked, and covered by gardens etc. If they are blocked, this can greatly increase your risk of termites, which is a homeowner’s worst nightmare!

Regularly clean your gutters. Pests love moisture and debris in untidy gutters.

Dispose of rubbish and keep your outdoor areas tidy.

Remove any potential food sources.

Position trees away from your home or keep them well trimmed.

If you have a chicken coop, ensure it is kept clean. It is not so much the chickens that the snakes are after; rather the mice a dirty coop can attract.

Regular pest inspections are recommended.

So what are some signs of pests to look out for?

  • Droppings and smear marks.
  • Evidence of nests.
  • Shedded or moulted skin is a sure sign of snakes.
  • Teeth marks.
  • Blisters in wood flooring can indicate termites.
  • Mud tubes can also indicate termites.
  • Strange noises.

Having your home treated for pests is not the finish line you may think it is. One of pests favourite restaurants may be in your roof! If you don’t want snakes around, cleaning out your roof space will give snakes less incentive to hang about. And rodents will be less drawn to your roof if your gutters are clean and free from organic matter. Stay on top of the situation by preventing pests from getting inside in the first place! Once they get in, they can prove to be very difficult and costly to get out.