Why it pays to drive home from training

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Why it pays to drive home from training

Having completed his training course in Brisbane, new Gutter-Vac franchisee Brocq Robertson decided to drive home to Shepparton in Victoria (with his new trailer), rather than fly back and have it delivered.

It’s just as well he did, as having stopped off for a coffee in Narrandera (NSW) he managed to pick up a $2,200 job from the café’s owner.

‘I parked outside this 150 year old building and almost immediately a woman asked me if I cleaned ceiling cavities? Apparently she had spoken with any number of builders and other trades people before and never got anywhere.’

Brocq will be operating in and around Shepparton and north eastern Victoria.

He can be contacted on 1300 654 253



Did you know . . . We clean solar panels?

Increase the efficiency of your solar panels with regular cleaning.

We can clean them using a soft brush vacuum or demineralized water to protect your panels whilst getting the optimal cleaning result.

Have a problem with birds or pests

getting under the solar panel?

We can also install a specialized gutter guard on the necessary sections of the solar panel to prevent the birds or pests building nests under the panels – all without interfering with the solar panels.

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