An aging population

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An aging population

Australia is currently confronted with a large aging population.  As the baby boomers hit their 60s we are presented with a large proportion of older Australians.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because this group of older Australians are unable to or simply should not be working at heights, climbing up ladders or working on their roof.

At Gutter-Vac, we do a lot of work with older Australians to help them maintain their homes in a safe manner – for us and for them.  We are also increasingly doing more and more work with retirement villages and homes.  Not only is it a safer option for this generation, it is also an easier option for them.

So if you know someone in their golden years, that really shouldn’t be taking the risk in cleaning their own gutters, then get them to give us a call on 1300 654 253.  Our franchisees will take care of them, show respect and of course do a great job cleaning their gutters.

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Greg drinks a toast to opportunity

Toowoomba resident Greg Ivanov had been looking around for a business investment for some time when he first saw the Gutter-Vac concept presented and profiled on Facebook.

After thirty plus years in retail, including ten years as manager at Liquorland Moree, he was ready to embrace an exciting new challenge. One that would allow him to work outdoors and keep him busy year round.

‘I am not really suited to a desk job’ Greg says, ‘and I really enjoy dealing with people. I had some tremendously loyal customers when I was with Liquorland and it’s that philosophy of service that I intend bringing to my Gutter-Vac business.’

Greg Ivanov can be contacted on 1300 654 253 or